Looking to get started on Schedule Xpress and gain a basic understanding of the features? We've got you covered!

This article will help you to digest the use of each feature and decide the benefits for you and your company.

This article will cover the following features in Schedule Xpress:


The Schedule tab is the most significant of the entire database. This module is the main purpose of why employers integrate this system into their day-to-day workforce management.

The Schedule module in Schedule Xpress

It can be formatted any way a user likes through modifying your schedule layouts.

Schedule layouts in Schedule module in Schedule Xpress


The Requests tab is home to all employee requests. These can be:

  • Time off requests

  • Shift drop

Most predominantly, these will be time off requests. You can define your time off requests types in eTime Xpress' Time off codes. For example, vacation or sick leave.

Requests module in Schedule Xpress

You can read more about how these work in our Approving/Declining and Adding Time Off Requests article.


The Reports section is currently only being used for Audit Schedule Changes. You can read all about this in our Shift Change Audit Report article.

This report is great at understanding exactly which employee or user account created, updated or deleted a shift.

Audit Schedule Changes in Reports in Schedule Xpress

The majority of reports are still exported in eTime Xpress. You can find out more about Collating Reports in eTime Xpress.

Please be aware that we're anticipating that reports will become available in Schedule Xpress in the near future. However, just like the Export feature in your Schedule module, Time Processing has pre-defined layout filters which can be exported to produce reports.

Exporting reports in Time Processing in Schedule Xpress


The Messages tab provides the perfect platform for a user to communicate with anybody within the company's workforce. It has high capacity to store recent chats, which makes it easy to pick up on recent communications.

Note: You may need to Contact Support to enable Messages.

Messages in Schedule Xpress
Contacts in Messages in Schedule Xpress

You can find out more in our Messaging Employees on Schedule Xpress article.


The Notifications tab informs the user of any alerts or requests that they need to action or be aware of.

Notifications in Schedule Xpress

You Notifications can be modified with filters so that the user only receives the ones they want to.

Notifications filters in Schedule Xpress

You can select which type of Notifications you receive by selecting specific filters.

Notifications filters in Schedule Xpress

You can also customize your Notifications settings in Settings > Branch features > Notifications. This includes:

Notifications settings in Settings > Branch features > Notifications

Manage people

The Manage people module is the hub of managing your entire workforce. This ranges from activating new employee accounts, archiving old accounts or generally updating details of anyone within the database. This is also used to manage users, who are the people in charge of operating Schedule Xpress.

Manage people in Schedule Xpress

It's essential that this is managed efficiently to ensure that the data being used for the schedule is reliable. It is divided by Employees and Administration (Users).

Employees and Administration in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

You can read our Employee Management article for more information.

Manage sites

Similar to Manage people, the Manage sites module allows users control the company's customers and sites used within the schedule. This may be updated frequently if an employer plays host to much contract work, as sites can be ever-changing.

You can find out more in our Creating a Customer and Site in Schedule Xpress article. This will also help with managing your current customers and sites.

Manage sites in Schedule Xpress

Manage services

The Manage services module allows the user to create a list of services provided by their company. For example, this could be a chef at a restaurant or an armed guard at an event.

Manage services in Schedule Xpress
Manage services in Schedule Xpress

These services can be applied to new shifts when created, and can have general or service authorized qualifications applied to them. This will mean that an employee may require a specific qualification to work this service and therefore, it helps the user to find the most suitable employee for each shift.

Qualifications in Manage services in Schedule Xpress


This module is used for configuring the operations and features of the entire database.

Settings in Schedule Xpress

The accessibility of this module is entirely dependent on access levels given to a user account. Only Full Admin (not Managers) users are capable of adjusting the Settings. This protects the database configuration from inadvertent changes.

The Settings module is divided into sections as below:

  • Recently visited

  • Organization settings

  • Security

  • Branch defaults

  • Branch features

Settings in Schedule Xpress

Celayix apps

The Celayix apps tab is an in-app feature that allows you to switch between Schedule Xpress and Time Xpress.

Celayix app in Schedule Xpress

If you're in Schedule Xpress and choose to switch to Time Xpress, it will open as a new tab in your browser.

Switching to Time Xpress using Celayix apps in Schedule Xpress

My Account

This section allows you to make modifications such as changes to your profile. The letters shown on the icon will display as an abbreviation of the initials your account's first and last name.

My Account in Schedule Xpress

This module contains:

  • Change branch

  • Profile - You can add a profile photo, change email address and mobile phone number.

  • Update password

  • Preferences - You can adjust the ordering of your date and choose a 12 or 24-hours time display.

  • About - You can see all the general information about your account.

  • Give Celayix Software feedback - You can enter feedback which will be received directly by Celayix.

  • Log out - This is the only place you can log out of Schedule Xpress.

My Account in Schedule Xpress

Date range

You can change the parameters to ensure that your schedule displays exactly the date range you would like to see.

Date range in Schedule Xpress

You can choose to view it by:

Date range in Schedule Xpress

Layout filters

A layout is a specific way of displaying the shifts in your Schedule module.

Layout filters in Schedule Xpress

There are layouts to organize the page by employee, customer, site and many more.

You can either create a new or clone an existing layout filter. This gives you the change to customize a filter so that you can see your schedule exactly as you want.

This is done by clicking the gear icon next to the current filter which will take you through to your Layout manager.

Gear icon on layout filter in Schedule Xpress
Layout manager in Schedule Xpress

You can read more on how to set up your desired layout filter in our Layout Manager article.

Save, Undo, Redo, Refresh

These options are important when making updates to your schedule:

Save, Undo, Redo, Refresh in Schedule Xpress
  • Saving any changes (red). The icon shows the number of shifts or changes to be saved. You're better off saving often.

  • Undoing any changes (green)

  • Redoing any changes (purple)

  • Refreshing the schedule (yellow). Use this to see the latest view of the schedule, including changes that your colleagues may be making.

Note: These will be greyed out if there is no update required for the respective feature.

Save, Undo, Redo, Refresh in Schedule Xpress

Schedule Tools

Schedule Tools is a vital cog to your schedule. This tool allows for a range of updates to the schedule:

Schedule Tools in Schedule Xpress
Schedule Tools in Schedule Xpress

Shift Tools

Quite like Schedule Tools, this option allows for a more detailed control of the shifts themselves. See below:

Shift Tools in Schedule Xpress
Shift Tools in Schedule Xpress

If you require more information on Schedule Xpress, please Contact Support now!

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