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Collating Reports in eTime Xpress
Collating Reports in eTime Xpress

How to locate and collate reports within eTime Xpress

Written by Celayix Support
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At this current moment, collating reports for exporting is completed within the eTime Xpress app, and provides the opportunity for users to 'pull' any data from their account into documentation.

Note: Celayix developers are working on the best way to integrate this option into Schedule Xpress.

Locating Reports

From your eTime Xpress homepage, you can access reports from the tab (red arrow) and choose the category (green box) you're looking for. In this example, we will choose a 'Scheduling' report.

Reports section within eTime Xpress

Setting Parameters

It's essential that in order to receive accurate information, you set the parameters (green box) for with respect to the data you're looking for.

Selecting Report Parameters within Schedules Report

Choosing the Data Types

The next step is to choose the data you're looking for. The highlighted green box shows the different ways to define your export. It could be that you're looking for for individual employees or sites, and this is all at your fingertips.

Selecting the type of data for the report


The options section (green box) allows the user to choose their settings for printing, whether it be for physical print or to file format. If file format is chosen, the user will be offered to send a file via their email (red box).

Selecting printing options

Note: The layout of report data you're choosing to select changes by different type of report. However, method of exporting will remain the same.

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