What's New?

This collection contains all of our latest release notes. Find out what our software engineers have been working on this month.

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Celayix Free Trial

This collection is complete with guides that are tailored specifically for free trial users! Let's get you started today.

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Employee Scheduling: For Users

Dive into this collection for best-use of Schedule Xpress as an administrator or manager! Please be aware that some of the following features will be accessible based on account security level.

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User & Employee Management: For Users

In this collection we show you how to manage your employees inside of Schedule Xpress. Scheduling has never been easier.

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Team Xpress: Employee Scheduling App

This collection provides detailed guides for Team Members (employees) using their employee scheduling app - Team Xpress.

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Time Xpress: Time & Attendance

Our Time Xpress collection gives you a breakdown of how simple managing your employees' Time & Attendance can be. This app is suitable for computer and tablet use.

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eTime Xpress: Backend User Guides

This collection specifically focuses on using eTime Xpress. Known primarily as the "backend" of the Celayix platform, we highlight the valuable information you'll need to operate within it.

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Looking for the answer to a simple question? In this collection, we answer all your generic questions so you no longer need to pick up the phone.

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