Your Schedule Xpress database is home to all time off requests from your workforce, and allows you to either approve or decline.

This article will cover the following steps of the Requests in Schedule Xpress:

User access

As you're probably aware, you can adjust the access a user has on the schedule. And the exact same stands for the Requests section too.

By entering the Feature Access section under Security > Manager access in the Settings tab, you can alter what they can and can't change by selecting no access or full access on each. See below (green box).

For more information on changing access levels, visit our Admin Accounts: Access & Security Groups in Schedule Xpress article.

Requests in Feature access in Schedule Xpress

Employee access

Please be aware that employee access levels can be changed in the Employee access section in the Security section of your Settings in Schedule Xpress.

Although further down this article we discuss creating time off requests on behalf of your employees, if time off is selected On as below, they can still create requests from their Team Xpress account. Find out how employees can do so in our Submitting a Time Off Request in Team Xpress article.

Now lets discuss locating the requests for approving or declining.

Locating the Requests

Requests can be found on the left hand tab (red arrow). Here, shows all current request sent from your employees.

Requests in Schedule Xpress

You can toggle between Time off and Shift drop in the Request type section (green box). This means that you will be able to approve or decline any shift drops as well.

Approve or Decline?

In order to approve or decline a request, you first need to highlight which request you would like to action, by selecting it (red arrow). You can then either choose to approve or decline (green arrow). Put checkmarks on multiple lines of you want to apply the same action to more than one request.

Approving or Declining Requests in Schedule Xpress

Note: You can check different types of requests by selecting either of the two options highlighted by the red arrows below.

All Requests in Schedule Xpress

What if the Time Off Request is Submitted by an Employee Who has a Shift Scheduled on the Day of the Request?

If an employee submits a Time Off Request on a day they were scheduled to work, then this will be flagged as a warning to the manager when they attempt to approve it.

In this situation, the manager will be given the option to either approve the request which will set this shift as 'Open', or decline the request. It cannot be approved unless adjustments are made to the schedule.

Note: The Manager may look further into the details of the request, figuring if they have adequate coverage, or checking to ensure that the employee submitting the request has enough days 'in the bank' to be off.

Add time off request

Alternatively, the manager can submit a time off request on behalf of the employee.

This feature can be found in the top right corner of the Requests tab (green arrow).

Add time off request in Requests in Schedule Xpress

Upon clicking the Add time off button, you'll be presented with the chance to customize your time off request.

Choosing your employee

First, it's important to select the employee you want to choose the time off for (green arrow and box).

Choosing your employee in Add time off in Schedule Xpress

Time off type

The next step is selecting the time off type.

Is it vacation? Are they sick? Do they need time off in lieu?

Note: Different time off types can affect the debit amount based on how your operates. For example, sick leave may be paid differently to vacation.

Choosing time off type in Add time off in Schedule Xpress

Dates and times

Now it's time to select your start/end dates and times (green box).

Note: It's important to be aware that the dates and times can be chosen to reflect the debit amount by selecting Yes in the Auto calculate debit amount option shown below. We will discuss this further in the next step.

If an employee is taking the entire day off, then you can select 12:00am-12:00am. But if for example they're only taking a trip to the dentist, you may only select a 2-hour period of leave.

Choosing start/end dates and times in Add time off in Schedule Xpress

Debit amount

This section is especially important, as it will reflect your payroll. It's entirely dependent on how you want to operate.

If you want to choose the Auto calculate debit amount option, you can select Yes. If not, ensure that you press No.

If you choose to auto calculate, the debit amount will reflect the hours you've chosen in your dates and times (red arrows). So for example, if you choose to pay for vacation and an employee typically works 8 hours a day, you need to reflect those 8 hours in the date and time. Not 12:00am-12:00am.

Debit hr/day amount in Add time off in Schedule Xpress

But if you choose not to auto calculate (green arrow), you can select the dates and times as you please. As they will no longer represent the debit amount you'll pay.

Once you've de-selected the auto calculate, you can manually type the debit amount you wish to pay.

Debit hr/day amount and manual calculate in Add time off in Schedule Xpress

Time off request status

Once you're happy with the debit amount, you can choose the status of the time off request (green box).

Although typically you would approve the request, this option gives you the chance to adjust if changes are required at any time.

Time off request status in Add time off in Schedule Xpress

Confirming your request

Don't forget to click 'Add' to confirm at the end!

Once added, it will be displayed in All requests (green box).

Confirming your request in Add time off in Schedule Xpress

Adjusting the status

Once submitted, you can adjust the status afterwards by highlighting the request (purple arrow). Then choosing a different status (red arrows). This will reflect in the status column (green arrow).

Adjusting the status in Requests in Schedule Xpress

How will your employees see the request?

The answer is in the exact same way as if they had requested it themselves.

It will present in the Time Off Requests (red arrow) and Notifications (green arrow) section of their Team Xpress app.

Viewing the request details

To review the request details, simply double click the request and you'll see the following page as below.

This page highlights the Time off details (green arrow), Request activity (red arrow) and in this case, the opportunity to Approve the request (purple arrow). This will differ based on the current status of the request.

Viewing the request details in Requests in Schedule Xpress

Accessing the request in eTime Xpress

Any new Add time off requests will be processed (red arrow) and added into the Time Off Schedule in eTime Xpress. This can be found in the Visual Scheduler under the Tools tab at the top of the page.

Just like other requests, the information will be recorded here (green box).

Accessing Time Off Schedule in eTime Xpress

If you require any support with managing your time off requests, please Contact Support now!

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