Receiving emails and SMS

You can set up your Team Xpress account to receive emails and SMS to find out any actions within your Schedule

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You're able to set your preferences for receiving email or SMS notifications through your Team Xpress app.

Note: You can only receive SMS if your company has an SMS package with Celayix. Please ask your supervisor if you're unsure.

Setting Notifications preferences in Team Xpress

In this article, we'll discuss the following about receiving email and SMS notifications:

Receiving email and SMS

Giving consent to receive email and SMS

Why you may need to receive email and SMS notifications

You may receive email or SMS notifications for information about your shifts, available Open shifts or other general notifications.

These notifications could be:

  • Added shifts to your Schedule

  • Changes to shifts in your Schedule

  • Removed shifts in your Schedule

  • Invitations to apply for new shifts

  • Notifications about assigned shifts and/or Open shifts

  • General notifications sent from Supervisor

Shift change notification in email

Giving consent to receive email and SMS

In an effort to prevent spam, you must give explicit permission to be sent email and SMS. You can do this from your Team Xpress app.

If you haven't already given consent to receive either, you can do so in My Account > Preferences > Notifications > check marking email and SMS.

Note: Only you have the power to change your Preferences. Your supervisor cannot change these.

Giving consent to receive email and SMS from Celayix in Team Xpress

In-app notifications will always be sent

Even if you choose not to receive email or SMS, you will still receive in-app notifications. These cannot be blocked.

As well as receiving these on your mobile phone home screen, you can also visit the Notifications panel to see any notifications you have received.

In-app notifications will appear in the Notifications panel of your Team Xpress

For more information on receiving emails and text messages, please Contact Support now!

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