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Covering the app dashboard, profile, schedule, action tabs, preferences and shift reminders within Team Xpress

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This article is designed for users of Team Xpress. These features can be accessed from your Team Xpress app or the web version accessible through

This article will cover the following steps within the Team Xpress app:


My Account


Help Center


After logging in the user will be taken to the Dashboard and the Current Shift tab.

Dashboard in Team Xpress

Let's discuss all you need to no about the Dashboard features.

No Missing Actions

If you have no actions to acknowledge, your Team Xpress app will display as No Missing Actions.

No Missing Actions on Dashboard in Team Xpress

When this display with an action required, it means an it was missed or needs to be taken. For example, you may have missed your check in and are being prompted to take action.

This is all dependent on a Team Xpress account's employee group settings. So if you're querying a check in/out issue, we suggest speaking to your supervisor.

Note: To remove an action, you can either acknowledge it or wait until the action can no longer be processed. However, you'll need to ensure that your employer is aware of any missed actions ensure so that your hours are accurately collected.

Current Shift

If you click current shift, you'll see the details of a shift that is currently underway.

Note: This will be the default display when an employee log in.

Current Shift in Dashboard in Team Xpress

No Upcoming Shift

Your Dashboard will display an upcoming shift if it is within 12 hours of the current time. If there is a shift it will display as Upcoming Shifts.

No Upcoming Shift in Dashboard in Team Xpress

Review my schedule, Create an unscheduled shift and Contact supervisor

Review my schedule, Create an unscheduled shift and Contact supervisor only appear in the Dashboard when you have no current shift.

Review my schedule, Create an unscheduled shift and Contact supervisor in Dashboard in Team Xpress

Review my schedule takes you directly to the Schedule section of your Team Xpress app.

Review my schedule in Team Xpress

Create an unscheduled shift allows you to check in to an unscheduled shift, which will revert to your default customer and site.

Note: You can only check in to an unscheduled shift if your employee group settings permit you to do so.

Create an unscheduled shift in Dashboard in Team Xpress

Contact supervisor takes you directly to the Messages section and allow you direct contact with your supervisor.

Note: Messages will need to be enabled by the supervisor.

Contact supervisor in Dashboard in Team Xpress


The toolbar allows the user to navigate to other sections within the Team Xpress app. This toolbar remains constant in the mobile app and browser versions.

The modules visible will depend on what has been enabled by user accounts.

Toolbar in Dashboard in Team Xpress

My Account

You can use your My account section to section to view and change your:

  • Profile

  • Preferences

  • Update password

  • About

  • Give Celayix feedback

  • Log Out

My account in Team Xpress


You can use the Profile section to view personal information such as email address and phone number.

If you are given the rights, you'll be able to update this information at any time.

Profile in Team Xpress


The Preferences section allows you to decide how you'll receive Notifications, Shift Reminders and gives you the option to set your date and time display.

Preferences in Team Xpress

Shift Reminders

If you've allowed your phone to receive notifications from the Team Xpress app, then you'll be able to set Shift Reminders parameters to receive notifications on your lock screen to remind you of your upcoming shift(s) start and shift(s) end.

Shift Reminders in Team Xpress


Now we'll discuss how employees can navigate through their Schedule in Team Xpress.

First, click on the Schedule icon.

Schedule in Team Xpress

Date range

You can scroll up or down to access days before and after those seen in your calendar.

You're able to adjust your date range by using the parameters.

Date range in Schedule in Team Xpress

Shift details

To view the information of any given shift, click on the shift and it will show you the full details.

Shift details in Schedule in Team Xpress

You can now see all the shift details.

You may be required to acknowledge or confirm the shift. And if settings permit, you may be allowed to drop the shift. This will be explained further in the next section.

Shift added in Team Xpress

You can also toggle between Status, Map, Activities and Log.


The Status section gives you a breakdown of the status of Confirmation, the Confirmation deadline and the drop deadline.

Status for confirmation status, deadline and drop deadline in Team Xpress


The map is used to show a visual representation of the location where your shift will take place.

This will include a marker that detects your current location, a marker for the shift location, and a geofence bubble to show the radius you'll need to be inside of to perform any action relating to the shift such as check in/out.

Map in Team Xpress

Activities and Log

Shift Activities will appear if you're require to fulfil them. This typically comes in the form of shift tasks.

You can also add tasks, add notes such as attaching files, and add your signature to acknowledge that you sent the file.

Activities and Log in Team Xpress

Your Log will contain all the punches regarding the shift. For example, check in, check out, safety checks and any other activities. The Log will only become present when an action has taken place.

Action needed

The Action needed will show any shifts that require actioning. This will highlight whether the changes are due to the shift being removed, added or changed.

The number of actions will display on the label. In the example image below, 4 shifts need to be actioned.

Note: If you don't have any shifts to action,

Action needed in Team Xpress

Inside Actions needed, you can toggle between shift changes and shifts to confirm.

Changes and Confirm in Team Xpress

Changes (shift acknowledgments)

For any shifts that have been changed, you'll be given to opportunity to acknowledge these changes. Acknowledging shift changes indicates to your manager, supervisor or scheduler that you've seen the shift change and you are content with it.

You can acknowledge these changes by clicking Acknowledge all changes. You can also click each individual shift and slide to acknowledge the change inside.

Changes for shift acknowledgements in Team Xpress

You can click on the individual shift to see the shift changes. If the shift has been updated, the change will be highlighted in red blocks.

In the example below, the shift has been moved to July 28th. You can Slide to Acknowledge the shift change.

Shift moved in Team Xpress

If a shift has been moved to another day, a separate shift block will represent the new shift times in red blocks.

Shift changed in Team Xpress

Employees can receive in-app, SMS and/or an email notifications informing them that there has been a change to one or more of their shifts. This can be decided in the Preferences section of the My Account Section.

However, the delivery time/day for the notifications is set up in the user's eTime Xpress.

Confirm shifts

Confirm shifts operates similarly to shift acknowledgement. The Confirm is an option that your supervisor may switch on to ensure that you're definitely available for a shift.

Confirm shifts in Team Xpress

You can either Confirm all if you're content with all shifts, or confirm inside each individual shift.

Confirm all shifts in Team Xpress
Confirm individual shift in Team Xpress

These shift confirmations will have deadlines. For example, you may be required to Confirm the shift no less than 24 hours before. These Confirmation deadline will be highlighted in the Status section of each shift.

Status for confirmation deadline in Team Xpress

Drop Shift

If your settings allow it, you'll be able to drop your shift.

Drop Shift in Team Xpress

You can choose to give a reason or not, and then request the drop.

Note: The requested shift drop will need to be approved before you can officially drop the shift.

Reason and request drop for Drop Shift in Team Xpress

Help Center

If you're struggling to understand how the Team Xpress app operates, or simply want to learn more, you can click the question mark which will take you directly to all Team Xpress help articles.

Help Center in Team Xpress

For more information on anything Team Xpress, please Contact Support now!

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