Messaging Employees in Schedule Xpress
Communicate easily with your workforce using Schedule Xpress messaging
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Messaging within Schedule Xpress boasts an easy and fast method of communication between the administrator and the workforce. With this tool being so direct, it gives the administrator the freedom to gain instant communication with the employee with regards to making any updates or changes to the schedule.

This article will cover the following steps on messaging in Schedule Xpress:

Accessing the Messaging Tab

First, you'll need to enter your Schedule Xpress database. From there, click the Messages tab (red arrow).

Click the Messages tab in Schedule Xpress

Locating the Contact

Once opened, you can either search for the employee you wish to contact (red arrow), or find the employee's name and double click to enter a chat with them (green arrow).

Finding the contact you want to message in Schedule Xpress


When you've opened a chat, you can simply type in the text box towards the bottom of the screen (red arrow) and press the send icon (green arrow).

The direct chat within the Messages tab in Schedule Xpress

Receiving Messages in Team Xpress

This will then be received in the employee's messages inbox on Team Xpress. An example is shown below.

Messages tab on the dashboard of Team Xpress

Recent Messages

There they can find any new messages.

Recent messages within Team Xpress

Message Display

The chat will be displayed as below.

Note: These messages will last a minimum of 6 months and can be removed at the anytime.

Direct chat within messages in Team Xpress

This direct method is a fundamental integration that allows quick decisions to be implemented within a workforce schedule. It's advised that all administrators should utilize their Messages daily to ensure they are in complete control of a potentially ever-changing schedule.

For more information on messaging your employees through Schedule Xpress, please Contact Support now!

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