Dropping Shifts
Find out more about the set up and particular rules attached to the Celayix shift dropping feature
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Shift drop is the option for employees to drop a shift they no longer can work. This is an optional feature and has controls to make sure there are restrictions on dropping shifts, including deadlines.

This article goes through the setup and the particular rules which can be attached to the feature. It will cover:

The options vary between very strict and more relaxed, depending on what happens in your organization. This can also be used as a way to offer shift swapping, especially in situations where your organization has self-scheduling or shift-bidding as part of your workflow.

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Dropping Shifts - Setup

To enable drop shift, do that inside Schedule Xpress, using the gear icon and going to Employee Shift Options. Once this is enabled, a Drop Shift button will become available on shifts for your employees inside their employee app Team Xpress.

Dropping shifts - setup


Once you enable drop shifts, you must decide on a deadline. There are three options for this, you can choose number of hours before the shift starts, days or you can specify a certain date. This is the deadline of when a shift can no longer be dropped. When setting this consider how close to the start of the shift you would like to allow your employees to drop.

Drop shift deadline settings

Drop Shift Options

There are a number of different options that you can set, that apply to shifts once an employee drops them. All of these are optional and you do not need to set any of these unless you want to.

Drop shift options

Approval Required to Drop Shift

Setting this means that in order for a shift to be officially dropped, it must be approved. If this is checked, then when an employee 'drops' a shift, it goes into the Requests bucket inside Schedule Xpress.

This is accessible using this option on the menu:

Configuring approval settings for dropping shifts

Here you can see dropped shifts for all employees, or filter and find dropped shifts for specific employees. You can review the drop requests and approve them by just selecting them and clicking on the Approve button. Once approved then the shift will follow if you have any other options selected and consider the shift dropped.

Dropped shifts view

If you want to see expired drop requests or successful drops, you can do that under the All Requests tab:

Dropped shifts requests

What Do your Employees See?

If you enable the ability for your employees to drop shifts, then they will see an option on each shift which they can use to drop the shift. Once they click on drop shift then what happens next is based on the workflow options you select now.

Note: The employee must have Shift Drop enabled in their access group or they will not have the Drop option.

Mobile app - dropped shifts view


There are a couple of settings you can use with regards to notifications about dropped shifts.

1. Alert scheduler when shift flagged as dropped - The scheduler (you?) can be notified every time a shift is dropped. You can choose this option but consider how many times you might get notified, it might make more sense for you to just use the filters inside Schedule Xpress to look for dropped shifts once per day or so. Use your best judgment.

2. Alert employee when shift drop was canceled by the scheduler. This is a notification that can be sent to the employee if you reject their drop request. It is still recommended that you tell your employees to pay attention to their schedule to see if they still need to work a shift.

Dropped shifts notifications

Once a shift has been dropped, there are a number of things that can happen with it. Depending on your settings:

For more information on dropping shifts, please Contact Support now!

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