The employee is required to check-in at the start of their shift and check-out at the end of their shift. There is another operation that they can do during their shift, called a Safety Check.

Where to Find a Safety Check?

The safety check can be found within a designated shift in Team Xpress, as below (red arrow).

Slide to do Safety check in Team Xpress

When the safety check is confirmed, you will be greeted with a message saying 'Performed safety check'.

Note: The settings of safety checks can be altered by a manager, therefore some company's may require you to action more often.

Why Do We Use Safety Checks?

The idea behind the Safety Check is to know that the employee is on the job and is "safe". Typically it is used for shifts where the employee is working alone. However, in addition to the health and safety aspect, the safety check can also be used to confirm that the employee is not asleep or otherwise distracted.

Note: Because the safety check follows the same geofence rules as check-in and check-out, it confirms that the employee is present at the job site.

Where to Configure a Safety Check?

Safety Checks are configured in the employee access groups. First, whether the safety check slider button is available (yes, no), and second, how long can the employee go between safety checks (e.g. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.). See the employee Access Group documentation for details.

Locating Employee access in Schedule Xpress
Safety checks settings in Employee access in Schedule Xpress

Note: If the employee goes too long between safety checks, then an alert can be issued to the supervisor and/or the employee. See the Alerts documentation for details.

For more information on enabling safety checks for employees, please Contact Support now!

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