The eClock Alerts have been added to the Schedule Xpress database to support administrators in having more method of alerts to allow them to take quicker action over any issues within the schedule. While helping to reduce any inefficiencies, the additional data could be crucial in improving a company's schedule.

eClock Alerts are alerts related to shift actions - i.e. missed check in, late check in, etc.

The administrator will receive these alerts within their Schedule Xpress Notifications list. Optionally, they can decide whether they receive these by email and/or SMS*.

SMS is an add on feature, we recommend using email where possible. To add SMS to your package, Contact Support now!

Locating the Alerts

The alerts can be located within the Settings tab, under Notifications.

Finding eClock Alerts in Schedule Xpress

When activated (red arrow), you will be given the opportunity to select the criteria for the given alert (green arrow). This will determine your parameters of how and when you will receive the notifications.

Switching eClock Alerts on and off in Schedule Xpress

Type of Alerts

There are ten different eClock Alerts available, which can be used voluntarily. This will be largely based on circumstances, and how much these can help within a company's schedule setup.

The alerts can be broken down into two categories that are determined by employee behavior:

Alerts Based on the Employee Taking an Action

  • Early check-in

  • Late check-in

  • Early check-out

  • Late check-out

  • Clock actions outside geo-fence

  • Unscheduled shift created

  • Shift check-out completed

Alerts Based on the Employee Not Taking an Action When They Should

  • Missed check-in

  • Missed check-out

  • Missed safety check

Note: As shown previously, parameters can be decided within each of these alerts.

Who Receives the Alerts?

The recipients of each alert type are set independent of each other. The alerts can be sent to:

  • Site supervisor

  • General recipient

  • Employees

When is the Alert Sent?

For alerts based on the employee taking an action, the alert is sent out soon after the action takes place.

For alerts based on the employee not taking an action, the alert can be sent out more than once. This will be determined by what settings are in place.

  • The first alert can be sent out immediately (when it should have taken place), or can wait a few minutes (after a grace period).

  • This can be repeated for a configurable number of times, until the employee finally performs the action - or the alert is canceled by the scheduler.

Multiple Alerts

Some employee cases may trigger more than one alert. See the example below.

An employee should have checked in at 9:00am at Site X. However they check in at 9:18am.

9:00 - Missed check-in

9:05 - Missed check-in

9:10 - Missed check-in

9:15 - Missed check-in

9:18 - Late check-in

Additionally, if the employee tried to check-in when they were not actually on site, there would be an 'Outside of geo-fence' alert.

Choosing Who Receives Notifications

The feature section displayed above also allows you to input the email addresses or cellphone number of those who will receive alert notifications, under the Recipients section. These notifications can only be received via email or SMS. You can input the email address or cellphone number as shown below (below).

Note: There is also an option at the bottom of the section to either choose 24/7, or customize the time period in a day that these notifications can be received.

Choosing who receives eClock Alerts notifications in Schedule Xpress

Receiving Notifications

Aside from receiving notifications via email and SMS, the most notable form of being updated is in the Schedule Xpress app's Notifications tab (red arrow).

Note: The example used in an employee late check in.

Receiving notifications for eClock Alerts in Notifications tab in Schedule Xpress

An alert notification via email will be displayed as below.

Note: Emails may appear different based on which email platform you are using.

Receiving email notification from eClock Alerts in Schedule Xpress

An alert notification via SMS will be displayed as below.

Note: SMS' may appear differently based on the device you are using.

Receiving SMS notification from eClock Alerts in Schedule Xpress

For any information on your eClock Alerts, please Contact Support now!

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