Settings: Confirm Shift
Use this setting to ask employees to confirm their shift assignments from their mobile app.
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The Confirm Shift feature gives managers the ability to have employees confirm their shifts once they receive them. By confirming, the employee is agreeing to work the shifts. -- not just that they are aware of the shift, but they accept the shift.

This is a great way to make sure the employee has seen the shift has been added to their schedule. We also keep a log of those who confirm and those who do not. You can set reminders and confirmation deadlines.

Note: This is an optional setting that may work well for your organization.

Confirm Shifts - Setup

To enable Confirm shift, do that inside Schedule Xpress, using the gear icon and going to Employee Shift Options. Once this is enabled, a Confirm button will become available on shifts for your employees inside their employee app Team Xpress.

Setup - confirm shifts

Important Note: When turning on this feature, all existing shifts created (for future dates) will be marked as Confirmed by default as soon as the Confirm shift feature is turned on. This means if changes are made to existing shifts after this point, a warning message will be shown advising that you are changing a confirmed shift.

Another Note: The warning message can be overridden to save the changes.


Once you enable confirm shift feature, you must decide on a deadline. There are three options for this, you can choose a number of hours before the shift starts, days or you can specify a specific date. This is the deadline by which employees have to confirm that they will be working that shift. When setting this consider how much in advance to the start of the shift you would like your employees to confirm they will be working the shift.

Shift confirmation deadline settings

Unconfirmed Shift Notification

There are a couple of settings you can use with regards to notifications about confirmed shifts.

1. Remind employees to confirm prior to the deadline. This will send a reminder to employees prior to the confirmation deadline to confirm the shift if they haven't done so already.

2. Alert scheduler if unconfirmed at the deadline- The scheduler can be notified if a shift remains unconfirmed at the deadline. You can then choose to contact the employee directly to ensure they are aware of their shift. Go to Settings > Notifications > Shift Confirmation to configure the scheduler's email address.

Settings for unconfirmed shifts

Visual Shift Status

We have the option to turn on an icon on the schedule itself that shows if a shift has been confirmed. If turned on, confirmed shifts will be displayed with a symbol on the schedule. To enable Visual shift status go to Settings > Visual shift status > check Confirmed status icon from the list.

What do your Employees See?

If you enable the shift confirmation feature, then when employees are assigned a new shift or any changes made to their existing shift, employees will be required to confirm those changes under Action Needed tab. It is here where employees can confirm that they will work those shifts. To confirm in bulk, go to the Action needed button and click Confirm All.

Mobile App - Shift confirmations

Once shifts are confirmed, you can see their confirmed status in your calendar view!

For more information on Confirm Shift, please Contact Support now!

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