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Use Confirm shift if you want your employees to inform you that they can definitely work a shift

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The Confirm shift feature allows Users the ability to have employees confirm the shifts to inform that they can work them. In some cases, if an employee doesn't confirm the shift, the User may decide to schedule someone else.

Confirm shift setup in Schedule Xpress

In this article, we'll look into the following on Confirm shift in Schedule Xpress:

Locating your Confirm shift setup

Confirm shift setup

Confirmed shifts in your Schedule

How do employees Confirm shifts?

Locating your Confirm shift setup

Your Confirm shift is located in Schedule Xpress, under Settings > Branch features > Shift options.

Confirm shift setup in Schedule Xpress

Enabling Confirm shift

You can enable Confirm shift by ensuring the flag is set to Yes in your Shift options.

Important Note: When turning on this feature, all existing shifts created (for future dates) will be marked as Confirmed as soon as the feature is turned on. This means if changes are made to existing shifts after this point, a warning message will be shown advising that you are changing a Confirmed shift.

Enabling Confirm shift by toggling flag to Yes

Enabling Confirm shift in employees' Team Xpress app

In order for employees to Confirm shift, you also need to enable it inside the relevant Employee access group(s). You can check mark this option to enable it, as below.

Check mark the Confirm shifts flag in Employee access group to give access within Team Xpress

Shift confirmation deadline

Once you've enabled Confirm shift, you must decide on a Shift confirmation deadline. A Shift confirmation deadline allows you to set parameters for the latest point that a shift can be confirmed. The options are:

  • 'X' hours before shift start time

  • 'X' days before start date at 'X' time

  • 'X' date at 'X' time

Shift confirmation deadline in Confirm shift

Unconfirmed shift notifications

You have the options to send an employee a reminder to Confirm shift prior to the deadline. If they don't, you can also select the option to notify the scheduler if they didn't confirm the shift. These options are listed under Unconfirmed shift notifications, as:

  • Remind employee to confirm shift 'X' hr prior to deadline

  • Alert scheduler if unconfirmed at deadline

If a shift isn't confirmed by the deadline, the scheduler will receive an in-app Schedule Xpress notification and an email notification.

Unconfirmed shift notifications in Confirm shift

You can also receive Shift confirmation notifications in your Notifications panel in Schedule Xpress. Ensure you've check marked to receive them.

Check marking to receive Shift confirmation notifications in Schedule Xpress

How will Confirmed shifts look in your Schedule?

If a shift has been confirmed by an employee, the icon will display as a circle with a checkmark inside.

Confirmed Shift Status Icon in Schedule Xpress

How do employees Confirm shifts?

You can find out more about how employees can Confirm shift from within their Team Xpress app. Visit our Confirming and Acknowledging shifts article.

Confirm all in To Confirm in Action needed in Schedule in Team Xpress

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