As an employee, its important that you get that well earned time off that you deserve!

Celayix's Team Xpress app provides a platform for you to easily submit time off requests, received directly by your manager.

Note: If necessary, you can also request for your manager to submit a time off request on your behalf. See our article on managing time off requests.

Accessing Time Off Requests

When you log in to Team Xpress, you need to click the 'Schedule' (red arrow), and then 'Time Off Requests' (green arrow).

Accessing Time Off Requests in Team Xpress

This goes to the Time Off page as shown below. This page shows all your requests, as well as whether they were Approved or Declined by the scheduler. Press Request time off (red arrow below).

Accessing Time Off Requests in Team Xpress

Submitting a Request

The detail page is shown. Here, you need to fill out all of the correct details, and then Submit request (red arrow).

Submitting a Time Off Requests in Team Xpress

Enter the type of time off such as Vacation, Sick or other. Enter an optional subject if you like. Enter the dates and times. The start date and end date determines how many time off events you are requesting. The start time and end time determine the actual times of day that each time off event takes place.

  • Selecting the same date for both Start and End gives you one single day. E.g., 10/15 to 10/15 for the times requested.

  • Selecting different dates for Start and End gives you multiple days. E.g., 10/15 to 10/16 is two time off events, each one for the times requested. October 15 to 19

Caution: If you are submitting time off for a period of time which overlaps another day (crosses midnight), it's important to ensure you submit only one date, not two different dates, or it will be calculated as two separate days off. See example below.

For example, if an employee wants to be off from 10/15/21 at 12pm to 10/16/21 at 6am, then they still have to submit it as 10/15/21-10/15/21, 12pm-6am. The reason for this is that the system will still register the overlap into the next day, but unless the day is kept the same, it will be calculated as two days off, rather than one. That would be two time off events on two successive days, each one being from 12pm to 6am. It will need to be filled as below.

How to submit a Time Off Request that overlaps another day in Team Xpress

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