Find Replacements for Any Shift at Any Time
Use the Find Replacement tool to make instant and suitable changes to your schedule in Schedule Xpress
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Ever had a last minute change of plan that has caused a headache? We can sympathize! The Find Replacement tool ensures that if a shift requires an instant change, you have an option that's ready-made to solve your scheduling issues.

Similarly to Autofill, this tool can help to choose an employee for a shift based on suitability and on the basis that using them as a replacement follows all rules in place. It's important to note more than one shift can be replaced at once.

This article will cover the following steps of the Find Replacement tool in Schedule Xpress:

Selecting Shifts

Once at the homepage of your Schedule Xpress database, you can click on any shift(s) within your schedule to replace (red arrow).

Selecting shifts in Schedule Xpress

Locating Find Replacement

Once selected, click Schedule Tools (red arrow) and then Find replacement (green arrow).

Locating the Find Replacement tool in Schedule Xpress

Defining Your Criteria

From here, you will see an option labelled Find me employees from (red arrow) which gives you the opportunity to select a criteria in which to choose your replacement from. Highlighted by the green arrow, this example shows that this replacement will be based on an employee who is categorized in Meet Qualifications.

Defining your criteria within the Find Replacement tool in Schedule Xpress

Who Fits the Bill?

A list of the available employees to use as a replacement will be shown.

The list of available employees when the criteria of the Find Replacement tool is applied in Schedule Xpress

Choosing Your Employee

Now you're aware that they fit the criteria you are looking for, simply click on your desired employee (red arrow), and then Update shift & save (green arrow) to complete the replacement.

Choosing the employee suitable for replacement in Schedule Xpress

This will input the replacement employee into your schedule. If, however, there is an issue with the replacement, you will be given a warning and asked whether you are happy to proceed or not.

You may want to visit the 'Schedule Tools' list once more to Notify employee of the new update; although they will receive a notification within their Team Xpress app.

For more information on Find Replacement, please Contact Support now!

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