Repeat shifts are useful tools for companies looking to replicate shifts on a consistent basis.

There are three ways to repeat shifts: select one or more shifts and use the Repeat Shift tool, add a new shift multiple times using the Add Shift tool, and apply a pre-set template of shifts multiple times using the Apply Shift Template tool. Depending on the shifts to be repeated, they can be copied multiple times on the same day, every n-the day, or on selected days of the week.

Repeat Shifts

The Repeat tool is used to make copies of one or more shifts. Select the shifts and then use the Repeat tool. The Repeat menu name will show how many shifts are selected.

Repeating shifts - repeat menu

Paste copies (1): A shift can be repeated using the assigned employee or setting it to Open

1. Same Day

The repeated shifts will all be on the same day(s) as the selected shift(s) that was originally added. In the example above, if one shift is selected then there will be a total of 10 shifts (the original shift plus 9 copies).

Schedule tools - repeat shift

2. Repeat shifts every nth day

The repeated shifts will be repeated by copying them every n days. For example, every day, every 2nd day, every 7th day (every week), every 14th day (every 2 weeks).

In the example below Sunday, shifts have been selected.

repeat shifts - every nth day

In this example these shifts will be repeated 5 times (2) every 2 days (1), starting on the 01/22/2019 (3).

repeat shifts - example

After clicking on the Paste button (4) the shifts will be repeated as displayed below.

repeat shifts - pasted shifts

3. Repeat shifts on selected days of the week

One or more shifts can be repeated, with the copies occurring on specified days of the week. Note that if multiple shifts are selected they must all be on the same day.

In the example below a shift has been selected (1) the option On these days (2) has been selected after selecting Repeat Shift from the Schedule Tools. The user can then select which days they want the shifts to repeat (3). In this instance this shift will be repeated on a Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.

Repeat shifts - selected days of week

Set the period for this occurrence to run (4) & (5). Click on the Paste button (6). The selected shifts will be created on Sun, Tues and Friday until the October 20 2018, as displayed below.

Repeat shifts - occurence

Add & Repeat

When adding a shift there is an option of Add & Repeat, as shown below.

Repeating shifts - add & repeat

This is functionally the same as pressing Add, then selecting the added shift, and then doing Repeat.

Apply Shift Template & Repeat

When applying a shift template there is an option of Apply & Repeat:

Repeat Shifts - apply template

This is functionally the same as pressing Apply, then selecting all the pasted shifts, and then doing Repeat.

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