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Reviewing the parts of the settings icon within the employee scheduling platform
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By now you have explored how to create schedules and distribute the schedules which is where you will do majority of your day-to-day work in Celayix.

If you have played around in the settings section, you will notice there is a lot Celayix can do beyond those steps. If you want to take a deep dive into the settings pages, take a look at the information below!

Note: All Free Trial accounts are set with system defaults.


On your left hand side you will see a Gear Icon that takes you to the Settings Page that has the main settings needed for your free trial.

Note: For the free trial, this whole section comes pre-configured with the most commonly used options our customer use. If you take a deeper dive you will get a view of the customization that is possible within your platform.

There are Three Areas: Security, Branch Defaults, and Branch Features

The Settings section of Schedule Xpress


Security in Celayix works in whichever complexity you would like - very simple defaults or complex settings. We work on the idea of "groups" which would assign particular people to each security group, for managers and employees alike. A group can be one person or it can be thousands.

The free trial accounts are set the defaults with one default group for both managers and employee security. To make more, simply "Create" or "Clone" and create more.

Security within Schedule Xpress

Admin Access: As an admin, your control within Schedule Xpress is defined by the access and security settings within your account. More can be found in our Admin Account Access & Security in Schedule Xpress article.

Employee Access: This is where you control what your employees are able to do and see. For an in-depth guide check out our Employee Access & Security Groups help guide.

Branch Defaults

In this section you have the option to configure and adjust your account to your specific needs. This varies in everything including time zones, what specific shift icons you want to use, and much, much more.

General: Here you can set up the general settings for things such as time zones, default locations, qualification requirements, and more.

Adjusting your general settings in Schedule Xpress

Shift Form: This section controls what you see on your shift form you see when creating a shift. For a deep dive on this check out our Shift Forms help page.

Employee Form: This is where you can add or subtract things you would see while Adding and Editing Employees. This can be made as limited or robust as you may need.

Site Form: Similar to the above, in this section control the items for Adding and Editing Sites

Visual Shift Status: Here you can subtract any icons you do not need for visual shift status', for example these:

Visual Shift Status in Schedule Xpress

Layout Manager: In the Layout Manager you can control how your Schedule Page looks. For a deep dive into that, check out our Settings: Layout Manager help page.

Branch Features

These features have been touched on already through your help guide process. A lot of options have been preconfigured with general settings for your easy use of the free trial.

For more information on your settings, please Contact Support now!

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