Celayix Free Trial: Settings

Ensuring your Settings are defined is an important starting process on your Celayix platform

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Before you begin scheduling, you'll want to ensure that your system's Settings are setup exactly how you require.

Note: All Free Trial accounts are set with system defaults.

Settings in Schedule Xpress

In this article, we'll look into the following on your Celayix platform Settings:

Finding your Settings

About your Settings

Your Settings

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Finding your Settings

Your Settings are located on the Command strip on the left edge. It will appear as a gear icon.

Note: For the free trial, the Settings section comes pre-configured with standard settings. If you take a deeper dive, you'll be able to customize them to ensure you're platform is set up exactly as you'd like.

Settings icon on Command strip in Schedule Xpress

Let's find out what each section means.

About your Settings

Your Settings consist of four sections:

  • Organizations settings - Customization of your logo, subscription and labels.

  • Security - Defining levels of access.

  • Branch defaults - Choosing the default setup and how to view your platform.

  • Branch features - Defining how you'd like to use the features in your platform.

Settings icon on Command strip in Schedule Xpress

Let's take a look at each of your Settings sections.

Organization settings

Your Organization settings allow you to customize your platform by adding a company logo, purchasing more licenses and adjusting reference labels. The options are:

Organization settings in Settings


Security in Celayix works can either be simple defaults or complex settings. Your platform will allow you to define your Users (Admins) by Record access groups and Feature access groups, while your employees will be assigned to an Employee access group.

Here's a breakdown of what they mean.

Users (Admins)


Security in Settings

Branch defaults

Your Branch defaults allow you to confirm the defaults settings to ensure your platform operates and can be viewed exactly as you'd like. The options are:

Branch defaults in Settings

Branch features

Your Branch features allow you to turn features on/off and allow you to define the setup of them. The options are:

Note: Many of these features have been preconfigured in your free trial.

Branch features in Settings

Now that you understand how to setup your platform, let's look at Celayix Free Trial: Managing employees.

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