Celayix Free Trial: Managing employees

Find out how you can manage your employees on your Celayix platform

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Before you even begin to schedule, it's important that you're aware of how to manage your employees. Your free trial is limited to 10 employees, but that's enough for you to understand the process of ensuring you can manage your workforce on your platform.

If you decide to join Celayix, you can choose an employee license count that works for you.

Manage people in Schedule Xpress

In this article, we'll look into the following on how you can manage your employees:

Finding your Manage people

Adding employees

Managing your employees

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Finding your Manage people

You can manage your employees from within the Manage people section on the command strip. It appears as two people with a settings cog.

Manage people icon on the command strip in Schedule Xpress

Let's look at the most important things you'll need to know.

Adding employees

You can add an employee by clicking either Add employee or Quick add multiple.

Add employee

Add employee allows you to define every detail that is required for the employee.

Add employee allows you to define all fields for employees

The details you can fill, are:

  • General info - Information like First name, Last name, Employee ID and Status.

  • Contact - Home address, email address and mobile phone numbers.

  • Settings - Employee group, default customer, site and service, time zone and workdays.

  • Accounts - Username and Update Team Xpress account for passwords changes/invites.

  • Personal info - Personal information if required.

  • References - References can be used to input additional information if a field is not already available for it.

  • Registrations - Registrations can be used for vehicle information.

  • Hiring history - Start date, End date and Termination reason.

  • Pay info - Department, Position, Employee type, Pay cycle and Seniority is added here.

  • Pay rates - Pay rates per service.

  • Max hours - You can input a daily, weekly or monthly max hours to cap how many hours an employee works. Your Schedule will warn you if a shift will make the employee exceed their allocated max hours.

  • Qualifications - Qualifications for this employee, including an effective date and an expiry date.

  • Availability - Availability records for the employee. These can be submitted by them, or created by a User.

The list of section in the employee profile will show at the top

Quick add multiple

Quick add multiple is the fastest way to create an employee account. You only need to fill out the required fields.

Quick add multiple in Manage people

The required fields to create an employee account trough:

  • Employee ID (unless you have auto-numbering)

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email or SMS

  • Employee group

  • Send invite via (optional)

Adding an employee through Quick add multiple

Adding multiple employees with Quick add multiple

If you want to add multiple employees at once, then you can press Add employee in Quick add multiple. This will allow you add as many as 10 employees at one time.

You can add multiple employees at once in Quick add multiple

Sending Team Xpress invitations

You can send Team Xpress invites to your employees in multiple ways through the Manage people section.

Let's look at how you can send invites.

Send new invite

The first option is to check mark the employee in the Manage people list and click Send new invite.

Send new invite in Manage people

You'll then be able to choose whether to send the invite via email or SMS.

Sending new invite is used when bulk inviting employees

Sending invite from Accounts section of employee profile

You can also send a Team Xpress invite through the Accounts section of the employee profile by choosing Send new invite under Update Team Xpress account. Then choosing email or SMS.

You can send an invite from the Accounts section of the employee profile

Sending an invite in Quick add multiple

You can also send a Team Xpress invite to an employee while creating their account in Quick add multiple.

You can send an invite while creating an employee account in Quick add multiple

Managing your employees

Your employees will be in one of three statuses:

  • Active - Active and in use.

  • Inactive - Inactive, so the employee has no access to their account. However, this still count towards your Active total.

  • Archived - Archived, so the employee has no access to their account, but you keep all the historical data within on your platform. This also frees up a license space to add a new employee in their place.

Let's look at how you can change an employee's status.

Making an employee Inactive or Archived

If you no longer require an employee to access their Team Xpress account, you can make them Inactive or Archived. Here are the differences between the two:

  • Inactive - Inactive is used to temporarily block an employee's access to their Team Xpress account and to stop the account from being scheduled. Inactive still counts towards the Active total, so this option is likely to be used if you expect the employee will return to work soon.

  • Archived - You will Archive an employee if you no longer need them to be scheduled or have access to their Team Xpress account. This is used when an employee leaves your company, however, Archiving them allows you to store all the historical data. And you can make the account Active again if the employee ever returns to work for you.

To make an account Inactive, you must visit the employee profile and change their Status to Inactive. Press Save to complete.

Making an employee Inactive or Archived from within their employee profile

To make an account Archived, you must visit the employee profile and change their Status to Archived. Press Save to complete.

Making an employee Inactive or Archived from within their employee profile

If you want to make two or more accounts Inactive or Archived, you can check mark them in your Manage people list, and click Update employees.

You can bulk update employees profile to become Inactive or Archived in Manage people

Then, choose field Select fields to update as Status, and Status as Inactive or Archived.

Choose the Select fields to update as Status and then Status as Inactive or Archived

Making an Inactive or Archived account Active again

If you need to make an Inactive or Archived account Active again, you'll first need to locate the account using your Employee status filter.

Visit your Inactive or Archived profiles to make the employee(s) Active again

Choose Inactive or Archived, then press Apply.

Selecting to visit the Archived section of your Manage people

You'll see the account(s).

Archived accounts will be listed in the Archived section of Manage people

Head inside the profile section of the account you want to make Active again and change the Status to Active. Then press Save.

Changing the account from Archived to Active from within the profile

Please be aware that you'll need to send the employee a new Team Xpress invite.

Stats & Licenses info

You can use your Stats & licenses info to show you the number of Active, Inactive and Archived accounts within the branch. This will be located towards the top-left of your Manage people.

Stats & licenses info in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Alongside Active, Inactive and Archived employees, this option will also show your license info for all companies/branches. It will highlight the Licenses used and Available licenses for you to add more accounts across all branches.

Stats & licenses info in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Now that you know how to manage your employees, let's look into the basics you'll need to know about your schedule - Celayix Free Trial: Schedule.

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