Shift reminders can be used to remind employees of an upcoming shift through an in-app notification in Team Xpress.

The key benefit for User control over Shift reminders is that it prevents employees from turning them off. This means that the User has the power to ensure employees are made aware of every shift, which increases the employees' reliability of being in the right place at the right time.

The key benefit for employee control over Shift reminders is that they have control over how many in-app notifications they receive, and when they receive them.

In this article, we'll look at the following on Shift reminders in Schedule Xpress and Team Xpress:

Shift reminders

Shift reminders notifications

Shift reminders setup

Shift reminders can be setup in two different ways:

  • User - The User can determine whether Shift reminders are mandatory for employees in Schedule Xpress.

  • Employee - If the User doesn't set Shift reminders as mandatory, then the employee can determine whether they want to receive them or not inside of their Team Xpress app.

Shift reminders setup in Schedule Xpress (User)

The Shift reminders option in Schedule Xpress > Settings > Branch features > Shift options.

Shift options in Settings in Schedule Xpress

Once inside, you'll find the option labelled Shift reminders. The Shift reminders option contains two choices:

  1. Employees decide whether to use shift reminders in Team Xpress and the timing of reminders (default)

  2. Scheduler determines whether shift reminders will be generated, and the timing of reminders.

Shift reminders in Shift options in Settings in Schedule Xpress

If you choose the first option, your employees will continue to be able to decide whether they want to use Shift reminders or not. However, if you choose the second option, the User will be able to determine when the Team Xpress app reminds an employee of a shift start and end, prior to them taking place.

Shift reminders in Shift options in Settings in Schedule Xpress

For reminders about upcoming shifts, you have the option to put the following parameters in place.

Shift reminders in Shift options in Settings in Schedule Xpress

For reminders about shift end, you'll be given the following as options.

Shift reminders in Shift options in Settings in Schedule Xpress

Shift reminders setup in Team Xpress (Employee)

Employees can use their Team Xpress app to set Shift reminders, if the User permits them to set their own times.

Shift reminders can be found under My Account > Preferences > Shift Reminders.

Shift Reminders setup in My Account in Preferences in Shift Reminders in Team Xpress

If an employee has been given the option to choose to use Shift reminders, they're able to select an option here. If they haven't been given this option, they will be unable to change it.

Shift reminders notifications

Employee's will receive notifications on the lock screen of their cell phone or tablet. See the image below.

The reminder notification will detail:

  • Which Customer the employee is working for

  • Which Site the employee is working at

  • Which service the employee will be working

  • Date of the shift

  • Schedule start time of the shift

Shift reminders notifications on cell phone sent from Team Xpress app

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