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Settings: Branding and Subscription

You can add a logo and find out more about your current employee and user license subscription in Schedule Xpress

Written by James Lewis
Updated over a week ago

You can update your Branding and Subscription from within the Organization Settings section of your Schedule Xpress.

'X Company Client ID' settings are home to your Branding and Subscription

In this article, we'll look into the following on Branding and Subscription in Schedule Xpress:

Locating your Branding and Subscription

Your Branding

Your Subscription

Locating your Branding and Subscription

Your Branding and Subscription can be found in Schedule Xpress, under Settings > Organization settings > 'X Company Client ID' settings.

For example, if your Client ID is cssecurity, then it will show as cssecurity settings. See below.

'X Company Client ID' settings in Schedule Xpress


Your Branding allows you to choose a Custom logo and Rectangular logo.

Branding in 'X Company Client ID' settings

Custom logo

The Custom logo can be added and will appear in the top-left corner of your Schedule Xpress.

Custom logo in Branding in 'X Company Client ID' settings

Rectangular logo

The Rectangular logo will appear when you click the arrow to expand your Command Strip.

Arrow to expand your Command Strip in Schedule Xpress

With an expanded Command Strip, it will appear as below.

Rectangular logo in 'X Company Client ID' settings


Your Subscription will give you a breakdown of your Current Plan, including Employee licenses purchased and Administration users licenses purchased.

Both will also show how many are currently being used and how many are currently available.

Find out more about Managing your license count.

Subscription shows the total number of employees and administration users licensed

For more information on your Branding and Subscription, please Contact Support now!

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