Your license count is what enables you to add more employees or user accounts through your Schedule Xpress platform.

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In this article, we'll be looking at how you can manage you license count on your Celayix platforms:

License count FAQs

Adjusting your license count

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How do I find out my license count?

If you're trying to add a new account and you've exceeded your license count, then you'll be greeted with a message as below.

Employee license count exceeded in Schedule Xpress

To find out your license count, you need to head to eTime Xpress. Once inside, click Help > About eTime Xpress.

About eTime Xpress in Help in eTime Xpress

The About eTime Xpress gives you a breakdown of the amount of employees and users you have licensed. This also includes the total you have remaining.

So if you're asking for a license increase, it's likely that this number is at 0.

About eTime Xpress for Licensed and Remaining employees and users in eTime Xpress

Can I adjust my license count?

Unfortunately, you are not able to adjust your license count. This is part of the system setup, and therefore requires a member of the Celayix Customer Support Team.

Adding or reducing your license count

Looking to adjust your license count? We suggest that you check your contract to ensure you know exactly how much you'll be paying per account.

Also, it's important to realize how you can utilize your employee management to ensure you definitely require an adjustment.

License count changes

If you do make any changes, you can expect your increases or decreases to happen within one business day.

Archiving employee accounts

A heads up for both employee accounts!

You can archive employees to free up license count space. Our How to Archive/Activate Employee Accounts article help you to understand the simplified approach to increasing your license space for employees that no longer require a Team Xpress account at your company.

Also, archiving employee accounts is useful in keeping hold of the all-important past data.

Note: Inactive employee accounts are recorded as your active total. However, this works different for user account and is explained in the next section.

Making an employee account Archived in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Making user accounts inactive

Archiving user accounts is very similar to to archiving employee accounts, however, you only have the option to make them inactive. Making user accounts inactive does free up license count space.

Making a user account Inactive in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Contact us about your license count!

If you're looking to adjust your license count or have any questions regarding your license count, please Contact Support now!

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