How to Archive/Activate Employee Accounts

Archive/Activate employees to ensure they are categorized correctly within your Schedule Xpress database

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Firstly, it’s important to note that an inactive employees do in fact count towards your total number of active employees. If an employee is active and you no longer want them to count towards your total, you will need to archive them.

Note: Making an employee inactive still counts towards your 'active' total. They need to be archived in order for them to no longer count.

This article will cover the following steps in how to archive and make active employee accounts in Schedule Xpress:

Accessing Employee Accounts

To make an employee archived, you should first visit your Manage people tab (red arrow) and search for your desired employee to archive (green arrow).

Accessing employee accounts in Schedule Xpress

Selecting Employees to Archive

If you would like to archive just one employee, then you can double click on the desired employee and click the Edit employee button as shown below.

Selecting employee accounts to archive in Schedule Xpress

Saving to Archived

You can simply click the Status tab, choose Archived (red arrow), and save (green arrow) to ensure they are moved into the archive section of the database.

Clicking status tab to select Archived in Schedule Xpress

Archiving Multiple Employees

If you’d like to archive multiple employees, you can highlight them by taking advantage of the tick boxes to left of the employee names, and proceed to choosing the multiple employees you want to archive. Once you’ve made your choices, click the orange Update employee tab in the top right hand corner (red arrow). The number shown in this tab will be in relation to how many employees you have ticked for selection.

Archiving multiple employees in Schedule Xpress

Ticking Status

Tick the Status option under the first tab.

Ticking the Status option to make change in Schedule Xpress

Saving the Changes

Then, proceed to change the status to Archived as illustrated by the red arrow. Once this option is selected, you can click the button in the bottom right hand corner (green arrow) to save the changes.

Choosing Archived and saving the changes in Schedule Xpress

Viewing Archived Employees

To view the archived list of employees, you’ll need to change the Employee status list (red arrow). Make sure you press the Apply button (green arrow) to confirm that you’d like to view the archived list.

Viewing your Archived employees list in Schedule Xpress

Making Archived Employees Active Again

Here, you’ll find your archived employees. If you’d like to make them active again, repeat the process in the opposite order.

How to make Archived employees Active again in Schedule Xpress

Archiving employees is a good way of controlling the amount of employees in your total available count. Keeping on top of this useful tool will help you to manage your time more effectively and ensure that your workforce is utilized efficiently.

For more information on archiving or making employee accounts active, please Contact Support now!

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