Autofill is the fastest way to fill multiple shifts with the most suitable employees

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Autofill can be used fill a range of Open shifts with the most suitable employees. The process uses Employee search rules and Shift processing order to determine how the shifts are filled.

Autofill in Schedule Xpress

In this article, we'll cover the following on using Autofill in Schedule Xpress:

Finding your Autofill

Creating an Autofill filter

Using Autofill in your Schedule

Finding your Autofill

Your Autofill is located in your Schedule, under Schedule Tools > Autofill.

Note: You must check mark at least one shift to use Autofill, otherwise it will remain greyed out.

Autofill in Schedule Xpress

Creating an Autofill filter

Before filling your shifts using Autofill, you'll need to create an Autofill filter with set criteria for your search. You can find this section in Schedule Xpress, under Settings > Branch features > Autofill.

You can create Autofill filters in Settings > Branch features > Autofill in Schedule Xpress

Once inside, you'll see your current list of filters on the left-side.

You existing Autofill filters will be located on the left-side of the page

Creating, Cloning or Deleting an Autofill filter

You can Create a filter, Clone a filter or Delete a filter using the options in the top-right corner.

You can Create, Clone or Delete a filter in the top-right corner

Defaulting an Autofill filter

You can default a filter by clicking the star to the right of the name. Once defaulted, it will turn orange.

When you use the Autofill tool, this will always be the first filter in your list.

Note: The default filter can NOT be deleted. If you want to delete it, make another filter the default.

Setting an Autofill filter as default

Choosing a Method for an Autofill filter

You'll be required to choose one of the following Methods when creating an Autofill filter:

  • Priority

  • Sequence

Let's look at what each mean.

Choosing either Priority or Sequence Methods to determine how your filter fills the shifts


Priority method can be used if you wish to assign suitable employees to Open shifts either randomly or in a priority order; based on options such as cost, location, lowest hours and seniority. This method gives you the flexibility to define which shifts will be auto-filled, which order your Open shifts will be processed and the order employees are assigned.

Priority Method applied to a filter


Sequence method can be used if you wish to assign suitable employees to Open shifts based on a strict sequence order. Once the last employee in the sequence has been assigned an Open shift, the process will return to the first employee in sequence for the next Open shift.

If the next employee in sequence cannot be assigned to the next Open shift (based on Shift processing order), then two options exist:

  • Skip this employee and go to the next employee in the sequence, OR

  • Assign the selected employee to the next OPEN shift based on Shift processing order.

Sequence Method applied to a filter

Applying an Employee search rule to an Autofill filter

You'll need to apply an Employee search rule to all of your Autofill filters. The Employee search rules contain criteria for your search, making sure that you find the most suitable employees to fill your shifts.

For more information on how you can build a rule, visit our Settings: Employee search rules article.

You'll need to choose an Employee search rule for each Autofill filter, as below.

Applying an Employee search rule to an Autofill filter

Shift processing order

Your Shift processing order allows you to define specific shift fields which will determine the order in which your shifts will be filled.

Choosing fields for a Shift processing order for an Autofill filter

Typically, most companies will want to select Shift start date and Schedule start time, so that the earliest shift dates/times are filled. However, you can change these fields by check marking the ones that will apply to you.

You can use the dropdown to select your fields and re-order them using the double-sided arrow on the right-edge.

Shift processing order in Autofill filter

Selecting shifts to Autofill

Prior to using Autofill, you'll need to check mark all the shifts you want to fill in your Schedule. To ensure that you only check mark the shifts you want to fill, we'd recommend using your Advanced filters to locate these shifts in your Schedule. You may want to search for specific Customers, Site or Services.

If you want to select all shifts on your page, you can do so by check marking the box in the top-left corner of your Schedule grid. Alternatively, you can check mark shifts individually or use the 3 dot selectors to check mark entire rows or columns.

Selecting all shifts in your Schedule

Using Autofill in your Schedule

Once you've selected all the shifts you want to Autofill, head to Schedule Tools > Autofill 'X' shifts.

Autofill 'X' shifts in Schedule Tools

You'll then be able to select the Autofill filter you want to use.

Choosing an Autofill filter prior to filling shifts

Once selected, press Autofill.

Press Autofill to run the filter

Autofill results

Once your Autofill is complete, you'll be given a breakdown of the shifts that were filled. The next step will be to Approve or Cancel all.

Autofill results will show a breakdown of the shifts that were filled

Accept or Cancel all

If you're happy with the Auto-filled shifts, you can Accept them. If not, you'll need to Cancel all.

Approve or Cancel all allow you to Approve all shifts or Cancel all, making them Open shifts again

Once Accepted, the shifts will remain in your Schedule. If Cancelled, they will go back to Open shifts.

Auto-filled shifts in the Schedule after being Approved

Why didn't my Autofill filter fill all the check marked shifts?

If the shifts couldn't be filled, then it means that the requirements for the shifts couldn't be matched by all of your employees. You can Accept the shifts that we're filled and follow the next steps for a guideline on how you can fill the remaining Open shifts.

How you can fill your unfilled Open shifts

The shifts that couldn't be filled will show as Open shift not filled. To fill the shifts that were not filled during your Autofill run, you can:

Shifts that cannot be filled will show as Open shift not filled

If you require more help with your Autofill, please Contact Support now!

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