To get the best use out of a product, you first need to understand it. When you access the Schedule Xpress homepage, there's a range of different filters that can be used to enhance your experience and simplify your scheduling.

This article will cover the following steps on filters in Schedule Xpress:

Filter Selection

One of the most important filters to be aware of is the filter selection drop-down (red arrow). The filter selection tool allows your to display a pre-saved filter of your choice.

Filter selection drop-down in Schedule Xpress

Choosing Your Filter Type

In order to save a filter for easy selection, you first need to decide on the type of filter you'd like to create. This will be based on choosing an option from the Retrieve shifts for line (red arrows).

Type of filter in Schedule Xpress

Utilizing Your Filter Funnels

Once opened, you can select the filter funnels to find what you're looking for (red arrow), or simply select the employees you'd like to include in the filter (green arrow).

Note: For customization of adding and displaying columns, please refer to our 'Selecting display columns' article.

Choosing your exact criteria with filter funnels in Schedule Xpress

Saving Your Filter

When you're happy with your selection(s), you can save the filter (red arrow).

Saving the filter you have chosen in Schedule Xpress

Accessing Your Saved Filters

Once your filter is saved, you'll be able to access it using the dropdown on the homepage, as previously shown (red arrow). Here, you can select your chosen filter to apply (green arrow), which will show exactly the employees you chose it to contain within your schedule.

Accessing saved filters in Schedule Xpress

You can apply the same logic by creating a filter for any of the other Retrieve shifts for tabs at the top of the page.

To remove filters and see the entire schedule, press Clear all filters at the right edge of the page.

For more information on advances filters, please Contact Support now!

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