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Find replacement

Use Find replacement to make suitable replacements to your Schedule in Schedule Xpress

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Find replacement allows you to find a suitable replacement to fill any shift that requires someone new to work it.

It can be used to fill Open shifts, as well as replacing employees.

Find replacement in Schedule Xpress

This article will cover the following on Find replacement in Schedule Xpress:

Finding your Find replacement

Creating a Find replacement filter

Finding a replacement

Locating your Find replacement

Your Find replacement is located in your Schedule, under Schedule Tools > Find replacement.

Note: You must check mark at least one shift to use Find replacement, otherwise it will remain greyed out.

Find replacement in Schedule Xpress

Creating a Find replacement filter

Before finding a replacement, you'll need to create a Find replacement filter with set criteria for your search. You can find this section in Schedule Xpress, under Settings > Branch features > Find replacement.

Find replacement filters can be created in Settings > Branch features > Find replacement

Once inside, you'll see your current list of filters on the left-side.

All Find replacements filters will be listed on the left-side

Creating, Cloning or Deleting a Find replacement filter

You can Create a filter, Clone a filter or Delete a filter using the options in the top-right corner.

You can Create, Clone or Delete a filter in Find replacement

Defaulting a Find replacement filter

You can default a filter by clicking the star to the right of the name. Once defaulted, it will turn orange.

When you use the Find replacement tool, this will always be the first filter in your list.

Note: The default filter can NOT be deleted. If you want to delete it, make another filter the default.

Defaulting a Find replacement filter in Find replacement

Applying an Employee search rule to a Find replacement filter

You'll need to apply an Employee search rule to all of your Find replacement filters. The Employee search rules contain criteria for your search, making sure that you find the most suitable replacement for your shifts.

For more information on how you can build a rule, visit our Settings: Employee search rules article.

You'll need to choose an Employee search rule for each Find replacement filter, as below.

Select Employee Search Rule in Find replacement filter

Process one shift at a time

If you change this option to Yes, it means you can only replace one shift at a time.

Process one shift at a time in Find replacement filter

If this option is set to No, you can replace multiple shifts at once. If employees match the criteria required to work the shifts, then they will be listed based on the Employee sort order in the Employee search rule.

Employee sort order in Employee search rule determines the order employees are listed when Finding a replacement

Finding a replacement

Once you've selected Find replacement, you'll need to choose a Find replacement filter as for your search.

Note: All Find replacement filters will remove any employees who will cause a Double-booking.

In this example, we'll search for replacement employees who DO NOT cause Overtime.

Finding a replacement for a shift in your Schedule

You can choose the employee you want to fill the shift by check marking the circle to the left of their name.

Then press Update & Save to complete.

Check mark an employee and press Update & Save to replace

For more information on your Find replacement, please Contact Support now!

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