Celayix Free Trial: The Basics

All the basics you need to know about how to navigate in Schedule Xpress, Time Xpress and Team Xpress

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This article will give you a breakdown of how to navigate inside of your Celayix platform.

Your Celayix platform will a collection of 3 different applications:

The Celayix platform

In this article, we'll look into the following:

The Basics

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My Account

This section allows you to make modifications such as changes to your profile. The letters shown on the icon will display as an abbreviation of the initials of your account's first and last name.

My Account in Schedule Xpress

This module contains:

  • Change branch - You can switch between branches if you have more than one.

  • Profile - You can add a profile photo, change email address and mobile phone number.

  • Update password

  • Preferences - You can adjust the ordering of your date and choose a 12 or 24-hour time display.

  • About - You can see all the general information about your account.

  • Give Celayix Software feedback - You can enter feedback which will be received directly by Celayix.

  • Log out - This is the only place you can log out of Schedule Xpress.

My Account in Schedule Xpress

Celayix apps for switching between apps

The Celayix apps tab is an in-app feature that allows you to switch between:

Celayix apps in Schedule Xpress

If you're in Schedule Xpress and choose to switch to Time Xpress or Team Xpress, it will open as a new tab in your browser.

Note: You can also download Time Xpress from your tablet app store and Team Xpress from your cell phone app store.

Switching between Celayix apps in Schedule Xpress


As a new user, we're sure you'll have questions on different features within your platform. You can use the Help feature to access:

  • Help Center - The Help Center is home to all your training material. This includes up-to-date material that can support both new and more experienced users of the platform.

  • What's new - What's new is the section that contains information on all new updates regarding Celayix and your platform.

  • Suggest a feature - Suggest a feature allows you to send us new feature requests, suggest feature improvements or report a bug directly through Schedule Xpress.

Help feature in Schedule Xpress

Command strip

The Command strip is used to navigate to different features in your Schedule Xpress.

The Command Strip in Schedule Xpress

These features are:

Dashboard - Dashboard provides an outlook on your performance over a given period.

Schedule - Schedule is where your Users (Admins) will build their schedule.

Time Processing - Time Processing is home to all your Billing and Payroll.

Requests - Requests is where you'll manage your time off requests.

Reports - Reports allows you to audit every action that's happened on your platform.

Manage people - Manage people is where you'll manage all your employees and Users.

Manage sites - Manage sites is where you'll manage all your customers and sites.

Manage services - Manage services is where you'll manage all of your services.

Settings - Settings is the home to your entire platform setup.

The Command Strip in Schedule Xpress

The next step is setup your system as exactly as you'd like. Head to our Celayix Free Trial: Settings article now!

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