Help in Schedule Xpress

Find out how you can utilize the Help feature for all the latest updates and to gain any support you may need

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You can use the Help feature to access the Celayix Help Center, What's new and Suggest a feature.

Help feature in Schedule Xpress

In this article, we'll look at the following on the Help feature in Schedule Xpress:

Get Help using...

Help Center

The Celayix Help Center is home to all of your training material. This includes up-to-date material that can support both new and more experienced users of the platform.

You can use this section to access it directly through Schedule Xpress.

Celayix Help Center

What's new

What's new is the section that contains information on all new updates regarding Celayix and your platform.

What's new in Help

Suggest a feature

To help us provide the best Celayix platform for you, we have a Suggest a feature section so that you can communicate your ideas or suggestions. This will allow you to send us new feature requests, suggest feature improvements or report a bug directly through Schedule Xpress.

Type in your ideas or suggestions and they'll be with us right away!

Suggest a feature in Help

If you have any questions regarding your Help feature, then please Contact Support now!

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