The Self-Scheduling tool allows employees to schedule themselves for shifts they are interested in working, which first begins by the administrator create open shifts within the schedule.


The major benefit to the administrator is that they it saves time allowing the workforce to decide what suits them best, and it allows the employee to choose their desired work shift, giving them a level of empowerment and control.

Note: An issue that may arise using this method of scheduling is that the employee may not match the requirements needed to fulfil a particular shift that they would like to be scheduled for. The employee must be:

  • Qualified to do the shift

  • The shift must not put them into overtime

  • It must not coincide with other shifts or time off

It's important to know that if an administrator needs a particular employee to fill a shift, despite not meeting the requirements, they can customize their choice within the schedule. However, the employees will not see a shift that they cannot take in Team Xpress.

The Administrator

As an administrator, you can create Open shifts as you normally would.

Creating open shifts as an administrator in Schedule Xpress

Publishing for Self-scheduling

In this instance, you would tick the Publish for self-scheduling option before saving. The Start date and End date options are a useful tool for administrators looking to schedule for the future. Typically, this may be used by a company who have a larger number of employees.

Publishing shifts for self-scheduling in Schedule Xpress

Publishing Multiple Shifts

Note: If you publish multiple shifts that are identical, e.g. five shifts for the exact same date/time/customer/site/service, the employees will see this only once on their selection page.

You can easily publish multiple shifts at once by selecting them all, then using the Update shifts tool to set self-scheduling for all of them.

Using Update shifts tool to publish multiple shifts at once in Schedule Xpress
Updating the shifts in Update shifts in Schedule Xpress

You can set up some employees to have advanced selection. This might be useful for selecting favored or senior employees to ensure they get priority selection ahead of the rest of the employees.

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