The self-scheduling tool gives employees the opportunity to review an open-shift schedule and select the shift(s) that they desire.

This article will cover the following steps on features in Team Xpress:

Accessing Self-Scheduling

As an employee, you review the available shifts using the Self-Scheduling (red arrow) area of Team Xpress. This gives the option to select any shifts that they are qualified to work. For example, if the shift requires fluency in French, but the employee is only English speaking, then the shift will not show in their app.

Accessing Self-Scheduling within Team Xpress

Setting Your Parameters

Within the Team Xpress app, the employee has the opportunity to set their parameters (red arrows). This will display all of the shifts available to them within this time period (green arrow).

Setting your date parameters and locating shifts within Team Xpress\

Picking Your Shifts

If there are any shifts that the employee would like to take, they can simply tick the box to the right of the shift (red arrow), and the proceed to click Schedule me (green arrow).

Picking shifts and scheduling yourself within Team Xpress

Shift Reviewing

Once Schedule me is clicked, the shift will immediately be reviewed and either accepted or declined. The two instances are shown below.

Shift assigned within Team Xpress
Shift not assigned within Schedule Xpress

The most common reason for not being assigned to a shift is that another employee applied for the shift prior to them. There is also the chance that it had clashed with another shift that the employee had applied to work.

Note: If you place checkmarks against more than one shift at once, then you must be eligible to fill them all. You either get all of the shifts you asked for, or none.

This is to ensure that employees don't put checkmarks against everything and expect the system to assign them to all that are available.

Self-Scheduling vs. Shift Bidding

There is a subtle distinction between self-scheduling and shift bidding. Self-scheduling allows the employee to choose the shifts they desire. However, shift bidding is where an employee is entitled to apply for shifts that they are interested in, but the outcome of this is determined by the administrator at the end of a 'bid' period.

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