I received the email below. What does it mean?

The Email

Receiving this email or a similar one means you are either close to your limit or have exceeded it. You can either add extra SMS to your package or adjust usage. To do so, Contact Support now.

We strongly suggest using in-app and email as a free alternative to SMS when you can. See our article on employee communications to learn more.

Note: All references herein to messages actually relates to message-units. One unit is 140 characters. Therefore a longer message will use more than one message unit.

Here are a few ways you may be using SMS / text messages:

  1. An Invitation is sent to a new employee, and you have chosen the SMS option when sending the invitation. The invitation is for them to authorize their new Team Xpress account.

  2. An Alert is sent to the employee when they do not check in, or check in late, or forget to do a safety check, or make other mistakes related to checking in and out of their shifts.

  3. A General Notification is sent to an employee when you use the Notify Employee item in Schedule Xpress.

  4. Shift Change Acknowledgements are sent to remind employees that they have shifts that need to be acknowledged. If employees do not acknowledge then they continue to be sent reminders until they take action.

  5. Shift Confirmation Reminders are sent when the employee is required to confirm that they will work a shift.

  6. Shift Bid notifications are sent related to bid invitations and bid results

  7. Time off requests results - approved and declined.

Each of these will use one or more SMS units.

Note: All of the above can be sent through in-app or email communication as a free alternative.

You can see the SMS messages that have been issued by going to the SMS Log Viewer in eTime Xpress. It shows the messages along with who they were sent to. Importantly it also shows the number of message units.

For an employee to receive SMS messages there must be a Mobile number in their profile, and the employee must have consented to receive SMS messages. They can turn consent on and off in Team Xpress. You cannot turn Consent on and off on their behalf, they must do it themselves.

For more information, please Contact Support now!

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