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All you need to know about receiving notifications for expiring qualifications

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Both Users (Admins) and employees can receive Expiring qualifications notifications to ensure that they're aware they may need to act on it in order for the employees to work shifts at the company.

Users will also receive a .csv file containing information on any expiring qualifications.

Employees with expiring qualifications sent to User email address

In this article, we'll look at the following on Expiring qualifications:

Finding your Expiring qualification setup

Expiring qualifications setup

Finding your Expiring qualifications setup

You'll now be able to receive email notifications containing a .csv file of all your employees' expiring qualifications. These will be based on the Notification timing you choose.

You can access the Expiring qualifications setup in Settings > Branch features > Notifications > Expiring qualifications.

Expiring qualifications in Schedule Xpress

Here's an example of an email notification for expiring qualifications. This will come with an attached .csv.

Employees with expiring qualifications sent to User email address

Below is an example of an Expiring qualifications email sent to an employee.

Expiring qualifications email

Expiring qualifications setup

Let's look at the setup.

Enabling Expiring qualifications

You'll first need to enable it by toggling the flag to Yes.

Enabling Expiring qualifications

Notification timing

Notifications will be sent every Monday at noon (based on the branch time zone), and will include qualifications that expired in the past 7 days, as well as those that will expire in the next:

  • 30 days


  • 60 days

Choosing your Notification timing for expiring qualifications


Let's look at the different options.

Notify administration

You can use this section to choose which of your Users (Admins) will receive Expiring qualifications notifications. The notifications will be sent to the email address(es) associated with the User account.

Ensure you press Apply to select the Users.

Note: Users will only see notifications for employees that their Record access group(s) permits them to see.

Choosing the User accounts you want to receive expiring qualifications notifications

Send notifications for managers to a specific email address

If you check mark this option, you can input any email addresses for managers that you would like to receive expiring qualifications notifications. You can separate email addresses using a semi-colon (;).

If required, you can include specific instructions to send to the managers.

Note: An email address added to this section will receive expiring qualifications for ALL employees.

Choosing to send expiring qualifications to specific manager email addresses

Notify employees

If you check the option to Notify employees, they'll receive a notification in the Notifications panel of their Team Xpress app, push notifications from their Team Xpress app, and email/SMS if they've given consent to receive them.

You can also choose to send specific instructions to employees if they're required to act on this.

Note: The Scheduler email address(es) in your Global defaults will be copied in to the email notifications sent to the employee(s).

Notify employees allows you to send expiring qualifications to the employees

For more information on Expiring qualifications, please Contact Support now!

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