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All you need to know about Voice Xpress from the User perspective in your Celayix platform

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Voice Xpress gives an employee an alternate method of checking in to a shift by calling a cell phone number, as opposed to using their check in and out slider in the Team Xpress app.

Although Voice Xpress isn't part of the Team Xpress app, it is still an important component of it.

Team Xpress

In this article, we'll look at the following in how you can setup and operate using a Voice Xpress number:

Using Voice Xpress

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What is a Voice Xpress number?

A Voice Xpress number gives your employees an alternate method of any of the following clocking methods:

  • Clocking in/out of shifts

  • Starting and ending breaks

  • Performing safety checks

Why can Voice Xpress be useful for employees?

Using Voice Xpress in your Celayix platform can be very beneficial for employees for the following reasons:

  • The employees' cell phone doesn't have data for Team Xpress app use

  • There is no cell data/coverage at a particular site, but there is an on premise phone they can use for check in and out

  • The employees' cell phone doesn't have the capability to download the Team Xpress app

If any of the above apply to your employee's and their current situation, then we recommend that you Contact Support to enquire about how a Voice Xpress number could be of value to your company.

Creating a Voice Xpress number

To create a Voice Xpress number, you'll need to Contact Support who will be able to sort this for you.

Employee Voice Xpress IDs and passwords

The employee will need to log in using a Voice Xpress ID and Voice Xpress password. These can be retrieved from your Schedule Xpress database, in Manage people > Accounts section of employee's profile.

Note: You can edit these credentials at any time.

Employee's Voice Xpress ID and passwords in Manage people > Accounts section of employee's profile in Schedule Xpress

Registered phone numbers

Registered phone numbers is located at site level under Manage sites. These are used for the purpose of registering the phone numbers of employees who need to clock in and out at a particular site, using Voice Xpress.

If you toggle this setting to Yes, you'll need ensure that any employees who need to clock in at this site have their phone number registered in this section.

Note: If you do not turn this option to Yes, then any phone number can use Voice Xpress to clock in at the given site.

Registered phone numbers under Geofencing in Site in Manage sites in Schedule Xpress

Voice Xpress from an employee's perspective

You can see how Voice Xpress operates from an employee's perspective by visiting our Voice Xpress for Employees article.

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For more information on anything Voice Xpress, please Contact Support now!

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