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Release Notes: 9.0.9 Hotfix 10 - July 2022
Release Notes: 9.0.9 Hotfix 10 - July 2022

More additions to the Time Processing module and other features

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This release adds additional capabilities to the Time Processing module, as well as other features you'll benefit from learning about.

Navigation icons

The new control bar layout is now active for all users.

The feature was available as an option in the last release, however, is now enabled for all users.

Navigation icons including Help Center, Messages, Notifications, App switcher and Account profile in Schedule Xpress

Selecting groups of shifts

There are new controls available for selecting entire rows, columns and all of your shifts.

Selecting groups of shifts using controls in Schedule Xpress

Time Processing feature access

You can restrict users from having access to Time Processing, or partially restrict them from certain features they can use. This feature is configured in Settings > Manager access > Feature access.

The highlighted items below are specific to Time Processing and can be enabled and disabled as required for each user, or group of users, who require similar access.

Note: It operates within the same section of your Feature access groups Settings.

Time Processing user security and access in Manager access in Settings in Schedule Xpress
Update rates and hours in Time Processing in Schedule Xpress

Time Processing bulk updates

You can now make changes to hours and rates for multiple shifts at once. Highlight more than one shift, then select either:

  • Update shifts rates and hours

  • Add shifts in and out times

  • Approve shift times

Note: You can remove any changes using your Time processing tools feature.

In this example, we'll be updating rates and hours.

Update rates and hours in Time Processing in Schedule Xpress

Then, the next section will allow you to update the values.

Note: These changes can only be made to shifts that are checked out of. Unworked shifts will follow with an error.

Update rates and hours in Time Processing in Schedule Xpress

More French translations in Schedule Xpress/Team Xpress

Additional messaging and screens have been translated to French, including sending invitations to your employees so that they can set up their Team Xpress accounts.

For more information, please Contact Support now!

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