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Release Notes: 9.0.9b - June 2022
Release Notes: 9.0.9b - June 2022

Improved layout of control bar

Written by Celayix Support
Updated over a week ago

The latest release notes improves the usability of Schedule Xpress, focusing specifically on better performance on smaller screens.

New layout

As new features are added to Schedule Xpress, the list of icons down the left edge of the page is starting to grow too long to fit on a small screen such as a laptop. And because of this, we've since moved a few items from the sidebar to the top of the page.

The image below highlights the new layout of Schedule Xpress superimposed over the previous layout.

(You can press Ctrl-+ to make this image bigger)

New layout in Schedule Xpress for smaller screen navigation

Schedule Change Acknowledgment

The schedule change acknowledgment will now remain enabled for all clients. This is setup in eTime Xpress and is used to notify employees of any change to their schedule based on the parameters set.

Previously, there had been a reported error that saw the feature turning itself off intermittently - despite being set to ON. This, however, has now been resolved.

If you need any more information on the latest release notes, please Contact Support now!

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