Having a Team Xpress account is vital in many ways; most notably, as a hub connecting you to your company.

Opening your account allows you access to many features, including your work schedule, instant messaging and the opportunity to be in control of when and where you work.

This article will cover the following steps in setting up your account in Team Xpress:

Gaining Access to Your Account

To gain access to your employee account, you'll first have to receive an invite from your company, as shown below. You will be issued a client ID and username (red arrows), and will be able to proceed by clicking the Accept Invite button (green arrow).

Team Xpress account invite

Creating Your Password

You'll then be given the opportunity to create a password to log in with.

Team Xpress creating your password

Link Expired?

In some cases, it's possible that you'll get an error message stating that the link to create your account has expired. It is advised that you contact your supervisor or the scheduler to resend you an invitation.

Ask for supervisor to resend invitation if link is expired for Team Xpress account

Adding the Specifics

From here, you'll be able to add a profile photo (red arrow), mobile phone number (green arrow) and choose your preferred method of contact for notifications (purple arrows).

Note: Your company may not have subscribed to SMS, in which case entering your mobile number will not have any effect. Contact your supervisor or the scheduler for details.

Note: Consent to receive notifications via email and/or SMS is mandatory, otherwise you may miss important notifications and work opportunities.

Entering Team Xpress account details such as profile photo, mobile phone number and consent to receiving email/SMS

Access Granted

You'll now have access to your account as shown below.

Signing in to your Team Xpress account

Methods of Logging in to Your Account

For future login in access, you can either download our Celayix Team Xpress app for your mobile phone, or through login.celayix.com on any web browser.

Team Xpress methods of logging in to your account

For more information on anything Team Xpress, continue through the Celayix Help Center or Contact Support now!

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