Having a Team Xpress account is important so that you can check in/out of shifts to ensure you get paid for what you work. When you first join a company who uses Celayix, you'll be sent a Team Xpress invitation, which you'll need to accept.

This article is dedicated to walking you through this process, to ensure that you understand and pay attention to all the necessary sections of this process.

Celayix Team Xpress invitation via email

This article will cover the following steps in setting up your account in Team Xpress:

Accepting your Team Xpress invitation

Team Xpress setup

Downloading the Team Xpress app

Learning Team Xpress

Accepting your Team Xpress invitation

To gain access to your employee account, you'll first receive an invite from your company. You may receive this by email or SMS, if your company has an SMS package. See examples below.


Celayix Team Xpress invitation via email

SMS (If company has an SMS package):

Celayix Team Xpress invitation via SMS

Upon receiving your invite, you'll want to pay close attention to the Client ID and Username, as you'll be using these every time you log in to your Team Xpress app.

You can then Accept Invite.

Note: Most companies will send invites via email, however, to see the information displayed below from an invitation send via SMS, you can click the link.

Client ID and Username in Celayix Team Xpress invitation via email

Link expired?

If your invitation link has expired, you'll be told to do one of two things:

You can find information on where to download the app by clicking here.

Team Xpress invitation link expired

Back to fill out your invitation form.

Creating your password

You'll be presented with your Client ID, Username, email (which can be changed) and the chance to create your password.

Once you're happy with the email address and password, press Create account. You'll then need to agree the Terms and Conditions to proceed.

Creating your password in Team Xpress invitation form

Mobile phone

Additional to your email, you'll have the opportunity to ensure your mobile phone number is correct. This will be important if your company sends SMS messages as a method of communication.

Mobile phone in Team Xpress invitation form

Date and Time format

Setting your Date and Time format can be important for the way you read data. You have the option to choose your date formatting, and to select whether to your a 12-hour or 24-hour clock.

Date and Time format in Team Xpress invitation form

Time zone

Your Time zone is already designated and cannot be changed. However, if this seems incorrect, we urge you to contact your supervisor right away.

Time zone in Team Xpress invitation form

I consent to receive notifications from Celayix via

This section allows you to determine whether you want to receive notifications from the Celayix platform via email, SMS or both.

Many companies make it mandatory to receive, email, SMS or both. If you're unsure, we suggest you speak to your supervisor.

Note: This can be changed at any time in the Preferences section of your Team Xpress app.

Consenting to receive email, SMS or both in Team Xpress invitation form

Once complete...

Once complete, press Done. You'll be taken to the Dashboard of your Team Xpress app.

Dashboard in Team Xpress

Downloading the Team Xpress app

All that's left to do is download the Team Xpress app. You can do this by choosing the relevant link below based on the model of mobile phone you have:

If you don't have a mobile phone that can download from either, you may need user your browser or Voice Xpress, which is a method of calling a mobile number to clock-in.

Downloading the Celayix Team Xpress app

Team Xpress on browser

Team Xpress can be accessed through your browser at login.celayix.com.

Note: The two supported browsers are Google Chrome and Firefox. Any other browser may be susceptible to erratic performance.

login.celayix.com to login to Team Xpress in a browser

Learning how to use the Team Xpress app!

Once you've created a Team Xpress account, we encourage you to read the Team Xpress - The Basics article to ensure you're comfortable using it. Once you've found your feet, check out the Celayix Help Center to learn more about your app.

Visit the Celayix Help Center to learn more about Team Xpress

For more information on setting up your Team Xpress account, you can Contact Support now!

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