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Setting up geofencing for your sites and how that is reflected by your employees check in/out process within their Team Xpress app
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Schedule Xpress' Geofencing is the perfect tool to coordinate and monitor your workforce in all things location-based. For example, a powerful way in which this is utilized is through applying a geofence boundary for employee check-ins on site. If an employee is due on site for 8am, this tool will allow you to monitor their GPS location in real-time, to ensure they arrived on location before their shift start time.

This article will cover the following steps in Geofencing in Schedule Xpress:


The tool itself can be accredited for the following benefits:

  • Improved time and attendance tracking

  • Accurate payroll and billing

  • Less time managing employees

  • Improved safety

  • Improved accountability

Accessing Geofencing

Firstly, you can access the geofencing tool through the Manage sites tab in your Schedule Xpress database. You'll then need to choose the site that you would like to create a geofence for by double-clicking to gain access.

How to access Geofencing within Schedule Xpress

Editing Site

When you've chosen your desired site, you'll first want to press on the orange Edit Site button (green arrow) in the top right hand corner, so that you can make any amendments or create new coordinates. Then, simply press the Geofencing tab (red arrow).

How to edit a site within Geofencing in Schedule Xpress

Geo-location Coordinates

The Geo-location coordinates (green arrow) represent exactly the location of the site itself. Once you've updated the coordinates to your desired location, a red cursor will formulate (red arrow).

The Geo-location coordinates and what they represent in Schedule Xpress

Using Google Maps

The easiest way to find your desired coordinates is to access Google Maps in a separate tab on the internet. In this example, Celayix's downtown office will be used as the geofencing location. Once you've found the red cursor within Google Maps and are happy with the location, simply right click and you'll be presented with the coordinates. Click on the coordinates to copy (green arrow).

How to find coordinates Geo-location coordinates in Google Maps

Utilizing Google Maps Coordinates

From here, you'll need to paste these coordinates into your Schedule Xpress database, in the Geo-location coordinates section (green arrow). Once added, click anywhere on the map to activate, which will show the red cursor marked on your desired location.

Entering your Geo-location coordinates into Schedule Xpress

The Radius Tool

The implementation of the Radius tool allows the administrator to select a geofence radius around the location. By toggling the bar or choosing a yardage (green arrows), you can select how great your radius is around the site. This will be displayed as a geofence on screen (red arrow).

Please refer to Geofencing verification in the next step, which explains how the use of this tool is based solely on a company's preferences.

Altering the Geofence radius yardage in Schedule Xpress

Other Components

Other components of the geofencing tool are displayed below (green box) the geofencing map. A brief guide is provided as to why they may be beneficial to you and your company:

  • GPS Tracking - Activate this to accurately monitor and verify your employees' location and clock actions that will be dispatched from their Team Xpress account.

  • Static IP Address - Ensure that clocking in is completed by intended employee through matching specified IP address with Team Xpress account.

  • Registered phone numbers - Clocking in through the Voice Xpress app. This is verified through the employee themselves calling to confirm check in to site, if they do not possess a phone with internet service.

  • Geofencing verification - This refers to the geofence created previously, in that it allows the administrator to select whether they will allow their employee(s) to clock in to a site while outside of the geofence - or ONLY once inside.

Once your settings are in place, make sure to press Save to complete (red arrow).

GPS tracking, Radius, Static IP address, Registered phone numbers and Geofencing verification within Schedule Xpress

Live Map View

Located within your Time Xpress app, the live map view is an informative overview which displays all shifts in their current live state. This is a useful way of monitoring the real-time situation with any given shift(s).

From the homepage of your Time Xpress database, you'll first want to choose the Map option located in the top right hand corner (red arrow).

Accessing your Live Map View in Schedule Xpress

Choosing Your Parameters

You'll now be able to see the live map view. You can change the date if you're looking for a specific shift (red arrows).

Locating all shifts and setting date parameters of Live Map View in Schedule Xpress

Is the Cursor Grey or Red?

You'll see either a grey or red cursor over the location that a shift, or set of shifts has been scheduled. The number of shifts at this location will be determined by the number shown on the cursor.

A grey cursor means that there has been no issue regarding the scheduling, or clocking in or out. However, a red cursor means there has been an issue with a shift or range of shifts. You can click any given cursor to inspect (red arrow).

The cursors of Live Map View and what they represent in Schedule Xpress

The Red Cursor

Having clicked on the red cursor on screen, a pop up will appear displaying briefly the issues with these shifts (red arrow).

Addressing any warnings within the red cursors of Live Map View in Schedule Xpress

Addressing the Issues

Here, the information is indicating that 1 shift was clocked in as Late and 7 Open shifts were left unfilled. You can click the drop down next to any shift highlighted as a warning, which will give you more information (red arrows).

The warning and what they represent within Live Map View in Schedule Xpress

Checking Out the Control Center

You can now revert back to the Control Center (green arrow) to inspect the shifts highlighted with a warning. If required, further information can be found in Schedule Xpress.

Back to the Control Center which represents the entire list of shifts addressing any warnings in Schedule Xpress

For more information on geofencing, please Contact Support now!

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