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You can communicate with your employees through the Messages feature in Schedule Xpress

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You can message employees using the Messages feature in Schedule Xpress.

Messages in Schedule Xpress

This article will cover the following on messaging employees in Schedule Xpress:

Messaging employees from Schedule Xpress

Employees receiving messages in Team Xpress

Finding your Messages

Your Messages will be located in the top-right corner of Schedule Xpress.

Messages in Schedule Xpress

Contact list

Once opened, you can either use the search bar for the employee you wish to contact or find the employee's name and double click to enter a chat with them.

Finding the contact you want to message in Schedule Xpress

Messaging in a chat

You can use the direct chat to communicate directly with employees.

The direct chat within the Messages tab in Schedule Xpress

Receiving messages in Team Xpress

Employees will receive messages in Team Xpress and can communicate with Users (Admins), as in below image.

Employees can messages Users (Admins) from their Team Xpress app

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