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Celayix Free Trial: Methods of scheduling
Celayix Free Trial: Methods of scheduling

You can choose between multiple methods of scheduling in your Celayix platform

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There's many different methods of scheduling that you can choose to use. This article will give you a breakdown of each.

Many schedulers use a hybrid of multiple or all methods of filling shifts, depending on the type of shifts they are trying to fill. You may find more than one suits your operations!

Your Schedule in Schedule Xpress

This article will cover the following steps in different methods of scheduling in Schedule Xpress:

Methods of scheduling

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Adding individual shifts

The simplest version of scheduling is to create individual shifts. You can read our Celayix Free Trial: Adding shifts article which will guide you through the process of doing this.

Add shift in Shift Tools

Shift templates

If you have a static schedule, then you may want to create a Shift template that can be pasted. This will save you the time, while still allow you the flexibility of making minor changes week-by-week.

Create shift template in Shift Tools in Schedule Xpress

Find replacement

Find replacement allows you to find a suitable replacement to fill any shift that requires someone new to work it.

It can be used to fill Open shifts, as well as replacing employees.

You can read more in our Find replacement article!

Find replacement in Schedule Xpress


Autofill can be used fill a range of Open shifts with the most suitable employees. The process uses Employee search rules and Shift processing order to determine how the shifts are filled.

Employee search rules are put in place to consider specific requirements/certifications, overtime rules, double booking, and many more validations. This way, you'll fill the shifts with the most suitable employees without having to manually search for them.

You can read our Autofill article for more!

Autofill in Schedule Xpress


The Self-scheduling tool allows employees to schedule themselves for shifts that they want to work. This process begins with the User creating a range of Open shifts within the Schedule, and then marking them as Self-scheduling shifts to ensure that they can be picked up.

You can set a start and end time for when these shifts can be picked up.

Read more in our Self-scheduling for Administrators article!

Self-scheduling in Update shift in Schedule in Schedule Xpress

Shift bidding

Shift Bidding allow employees to express an interest in working an Open shift, which the User has full control in deciding who to give the shift to by accepting a Shift bid.

Typically, they will choose the most competent employee to fill the shift. However, this can be decided by choosing favored or senior employees.

Read more in our Shift Bidding article!

Creating Open shift for Shift Bidding in Schedule in Schedule Xpress

Now that you know the different methods of scheduling, let's move onto Celayix Free Trial: Geofencing.

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