Celayix Free Trial: Scheduling
Exploring the scheduling features of Schedule Xpress!
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Welcome to the beginning of your Celayix Free trial!

In this article we will dive into the basics of the scheduling page within your account.

This article will cover the features of scheduling in Schedule Xpress:

Dashboard Overview

Here is an overview of what you will see at first login. Let's take a deeper look at what is on this page.

The dashboard view in Schedule Xpress

Control Bar

On the left hand side you have the tool icons which lead to other parts of the scheduling process, including set up. To see a quick glance at what they mean scroll over the icons.

Note: Messages is turned off for the free trial.

Labelled control bar in Schedule Xpress

To return to the scheduling page at anytime, select the top icon for the schedule!

Schedule tab on the control bar in Schedule Xpress

Schedule Page Overview

To begin, let's look at the scheduling page to begin and what we control from here.

Date Selector

We have a date selector which you can use to adjust the dates to any time period, including custom date periods. Use the < and > icons to go backwards and forwards in time.

Date selector allows you to set parameters in Schedule Xpress


Once you have data entered into your account, you can filter the view down based on several criteria by selecting on the Retrieve shifts for . This is a great way to see a specific visual.

Filters option to select particular criteria in Schedule Xpress

Changing the Displays

To change the details on the way shifts are displayed, hit the display icon and adjust to your preference.

These can be adjusted at anytime and are custom to the user, i.e. once you have multiple users if they have a preference, they can adjust this page.

Customizing and changing the display of the schedule in Schedule Xpress

Save, Undo, Redo and Refresh

On the command strip you also have a save, undo and refresh. These will be very useful once you are creating and distributing schedules!

Save, Undo, Redo and Refresh the schedule in Schedule Xpress

Schedule Tools

The wrench icon is where you will be doing scheduling actions beyond adding individual people to individual shifts, including autofill, AI, Notifying employees on bulk or individually, find replacement actions, and shift bidding.

Note: Celayix AI (Suggest Employee and Verify Schedule) is only available when there is sufficient shift history. Free trials will not have access to that. However, to learn more check out our AI page and AI video.

The options of Schedule Tools in Schedule Xpress

Shift Tools

Likewise as the above icon, the shift tools are where you will take actions like adding, repeating, updating, and deleting shifts, as well as, applying a template.

You can refer to our guide named Celayix Free Trial: Creating Shifts for more support.

The options of Shift Tools in Schedule Xpress
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