Welcome to your Celayix platform!

All the information you need to know about your first day using the Celayix platform!

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Welcome to your Celayix platform!

We'll take you through a quick overview of your first day. After you get started, you will be contacted by your Implementation Specialist who will be your guide through implementing Celayix and making your platform a best-fit for you.

Celayix: Employee Scheduling Software

Welcome email

You'll first receive a welcome email which will give you a breakdown of information you need to know about Celayix and your new platform, including who to contact if you require assistance.

After receiving this email, you'll arrange to meet with an Implementation Specialist to get you up and running.

Welcome email from Celayix

Who/What is an Implementation Specialist?!

At Celayix, we believe that no platform can be a one-size-fits-all. And so, our process includes meeting with a dedicated member of our Customer Success Team to guide you through the process and customize your platform for you.

After your implementation is complete, you'll transition to Celayix Support for any help in the future. You can Contact Support at anytime!

Your Schedule in Schedule Xpress

The next step?

After an online meeting with your Implementation Specialist to discuss the fundamentals of your company, we'll dive straight into training to ensure that you're ready to schedule.

Note: The services available to you are dependent on your package with us. This will be agreed prior to training.

What do I need to make sure I do?

Keep your welcome email handy, as that has important information regarding your account.

To access the web portion of your Celayix account, download the Team Xpress and download the Time Xpress apps for your device, or bookmark login.celayix.com.

Log in page for Schedule Xpress, Time Xpress and Team Xpress

System requirements

App: The Team Xpress app is accessible through app stores on cellphones.

Browser: The latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are the only browsers that we support. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera are not supported and will give unpredictable results.

Computer: Windows and Mac only. As a result of the system requirements for the browsers, Windows must be version 10 or later, and Mac OS must be 10.11 or later. (OS requirements will change over time as the Citrix and browser requirements change.) Chromebook is not supported.

Memory: At least 4 GB (more is better).

CPU: At least 2 CPUs (more is better).

You can read more in our System requirements article.

For anything more about starting up with your new Celayix platform, please feel free to Contact Support now!

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