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The calendar view is an alternative way of viewing your schedule to suit your business needs.
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The calendar view is another view option available in the schedule tab that gives greater flexibility in how information is presented.

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This is most useful for companies looking to see an overall view of a month that shows how many shifts are in each day period.

We do not recommend using the weekly or daily view for shifts with more than 5 in a given day. This is best used with filtering in place to view a specific schedule on a weekly or daily basis.

Note: The upcoming release will have a PDF that can be sent to employees or managers giving an overview of the time period.

Adding Calendar Views

Go to Settings, Layout Manager, and then Calendar View Layouts.

Adding calendar views

Once there, you will see the existing calendar Demo Layout that is used as the first view by default and used to set all others

To add all additional, select clone when in Demo Layout view. Please note Demo cannot be deleted.

Create a name and description to accurately present the calendar view.

How to create a clone layout

Adjusting Settings

Once the clone has been created, you can create custom views within the Calendar View Layout manager. These can vary from the hours you want to be presented to the shift display that can be displayed.

Calendar view settings

Note: This is a great feature to use if you plan on using the calendar view to distribute schedules to employees or staff members.

You can add any important information you may want them to see in a PDF version of their weekly schedules. This feature will be available in a future release. Once added, your new calendar view will be added to the list.

Viewing and Editing Calendar Views

You will then find any added views in the list of layouts visible. You can default your most used view by marking it with a star. This will then be the default you see.

Viewing and editing calendar views

Changing Between Timeline View & Calendar View

Once back in the schedule view, to change between the classic timeline view and calendar view, select the view type and choose between the two options. Any views that have been set up as outlined above will show up.

Using search to change views

You can switch back to classic view at any point. Only views set up in the Layout Manager will be visible under both Timeline and Calendar view. The reason for this is that some views, such as those with hundreds of shifts, may not be visually useful when presented in the calendar view.

Adjusting Width and Height of Schedule Blocks

Exactly as it is in the Timeline View, adjust the dimensions by clicking on the adjustment icon.

How to adjust schedule blocks for the calendar view

Use: Monthly View (Recommended Use)

The most recommended use of the Calendar View is to see a snapshot of the monthly view:

Monthly calendar view

If there are more than 4 shifts on a given day it will be presented with an x more:

more than 4 shifts in calendar view

Overnight Shifts

Any shifts going over 12:00 am and splicing between 2 days will be presented in the monthly view going across both date ranges for best visual representation and provide a visual to the scheduler that the shift will push into the next day.

Overnight shifts in calendar view

Use: Daily or Weekly

The calendar view can be used for weekly and daily views as well.

We only recommend this view for when less than 5 shifts will be displayed each day. Otherwise, we recommend using filtering for the best visual experience.

Daily or weekly schedule view

Filtering with Calendar View

The calendar view works great with the filtering abilities in the schedule view. Use filters to create custom views from specific client sites, employees, and more.

For example, the view for just our star employee Charlie Clark:

How to use filters on the calendar view

Note: In upcoming releases, this information will be pushed to PDF to provide to clients and employees.


Please note: Custom date range is not currently available with Calendar view, only the predefined in the list. This is to ensure the best user experience and ideal visual experience.

Limitations of the calendar view

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