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What's New? - October 2022
What's New? - October 2022

Find out the latest updates to the Celayix platform in October 2022

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This article will inform you of all the new updates to the Celayix platform throughout October 2022.

Celayix: Employee Scheduling Software

Additions to your General settings

You can now edit Statutory Holidays, Billing/Payroll settings, Overtime rules and Qualifications settings.

Locating your General settings

Your General settings are located in the Settings in your Schedule Xpress. Inside your Settings, head to Branch defaults > General.

Accessing your General settings in Settings in Schedule Xpress

Statutory days

You can use your General settings to define the Statutory days in your calendar. There will be a set of pre-defined calendar dates.

There will be a set of pre-defined calendar dates such as January 1st for New Year's Day, and December 25th for Christmas Day. We recommend that you input your Statutory days in well ahead of time, as these will need to be defined yearly. However, if you do need to add a Statutory day that has already taken place, please ensure that you Align stat hours, auto-recalculate or reset your shift distribution in eTime Xpress.

Statutory days in General settings in Settings in Schedule Xpress

Read more on Statutory day settings.

Payroll and Billing settings

Your Payroll and Billing settings allow you to define 3 important factors that will affect how they are calculated.

This section is broken down into the following:

  • Week start day

  • Pay rate factors

  • Hours calculations

Payroll and Billing settings in General settings in Settings in Schedule Xpress

Overtime rules

The Overtime rules are broken down by Payroll overtime rules and Advanced rules.

Overtime rules in General settings in Settings in Schedule Xpress

In the Payroll overtime rules, you can define your basic overtime rules to outline the threshold for weekly overtime, daily overtime and daily double overtime.

Your Advanced rules are broken down by a Stat days rule and a Consecutive day OT rule. See our breakdown of the rules below:

  • Stats day rule - By default, only regular hours are counted towards overtime thresholds. If you want hours worked on a stat day to count towards overtime thresholds too, then set this option to Yes. You can also choose to apply to Pay hours, Bill hours, or both.

  • Consecutive day OT rule - When working 7 consecutive days, on the 7th day, selecting this option as Yes will mean that you are allocating the first 8 hours to overtime, and any hours in excess of 8 to double overtime.

Read more on Overtime rules now.


The Qualifications section is about adding an additional layer of control to ensure you find the most suitable employees for each shift in your schedule.

Qualifications in General settings in Settings in Schedule Xpress

Required qualifications is a section that allows you to define qualifications that employees must have in order to work ANY shifts in the branch. However, you can also set Override permissions to be Yes, which will give any user in this branch the permissions to override branch, site or service qualification requirements for any shift.

Read more about Qualifications settings now.

If you're yet to see these updates appear in your Schedule Xpress, or you have any other questions, then please Contact Support now!

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