Making Bulk Updates to Site Details

Need to apply the same change to multiple sites? Schedule Xpress can simplify this usually time-consuming process - see how!

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Making changes to individual client sites can be difficult, and time-consuming. Our Schedule Xpress app has simplified the process of making bulk updates for you!

This article will cover the following steps in making bulk updates to client sites in Schedule Xpress:

Beginning the Process

From the homepage of Schedule Xpress, you'll begin the process by entering your Manage sites tab (red arrow).

Schedule Xpress Homepage - Making Bulk Updates

Selecting Your Sites

From here, you'll need to select the sites you want to make the updates to. You can either tick the boxes of the sites one by one (red arrows), or highlight all of the sites on the page by clicking the box at the top (green arrow). You can easily highlight all the sites belonging to the same customer by putting a tick mark on the gray line for the customer.

Usually it takes more than one page to show all your sites. In that case there is a page selector at the bottom. You can move among pages, putting tick marks as needed.

Caution: Be careful not to click somewhere other than the checkbox. Doing so will un-select everything you have selected up to that point.

Updating Sites

Once you've chosen your sites to update, simply click the Update sites button in the top right corner (red arrow).

Choosing the Field(s) to Update

Now, you'll be given the opportunity to select the field within these sites that you'd like to update. In this case, Add general qualifications (red arrow) will be used as an example. Click away from the field selector when done.

Note: More than one field can be updated at a time.

Making the Changes

A second drop-down will appear, which will allow you to choose the criteria of the field you have just chosen to change. In this example, English fluent (red arrow) has been picked.

Once the criteria has been chosen for update, press Update sites (green arrow).

In this case, this will change the qualifications required to ensure that any employee working at this site must be English fluent.

Changes Made

Some changes take effect immediately, others do not.

For example, if you change the geofence radius, immediately any check-in operations will be restricted to the new geofence.

On the other hand, if you add qualifications to a site, then new shifts will have to satisfy the qualifications. However, this does not affect any shifts that were already present before making the change.

Or if you make a change to the bill rate, any existing shifts will not have their bill rate changed. The new bill rate will be applied only to new shifts.

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