Celayix Free Trial: Creating Shifts
Showing you the important details for creating shifts and shift templates for easy scheduling
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By now you have some familiarity with the Schedule Xpress dashboard and know how to add, update, and edit employees. The next step is to create shifts and shift templates.

After this, we will go into the different ways to allocate those shifts, and you will be on your way and scheduling!

Creating Shifts

From the main scheduling page, there are two ways to create a new shift.

If there are no shifts, the first is from the Create a New Shift on the blank scheduling page.

Creating a new shift on a blank template in Schedule Xpress

The second is to select the Shift Tools to start the process of adding shifts.

Adding shift in Shift Tools in Schedule Xpress

Once you select Add Shift, the shift form will populate to edit details about the shift.

Editing details of a shift in Add shift in Schedule Xpress

To learn more about how to edit and customize what appears on the shift form, check out our Shift Forms help page. All trial accounts are set to defaults.

To create a shift you will need to add a Customer Name, Site, and Service. You account is set up with defaults.

Once set, you have the option to Cancel, Add & Repeat, or Add.

Cancel, Add & Repeat or Add shift in Schedule Xpress

Add and Repeat Shift

If the shift is going to be reoccurring, the add & repeat is a great option. This can be done with an employee already assigned or set to an open shift and on a variety of sequences.

Repeat shift in Schedule Xpress

For more details check out our Repeating Shifts help page.

Edit, Cut, Copy, Delete Repeat from a Shift

Another way to create shifts are from existing shifts by right clicking to see the below.

Options to change a shift by right clicking on an old shift in Schedule Xpress

From here you can paste on the date you wish to paste. Likewise, you can multi select shifts by lassoing and right clicking to see the same options.

You can easily copy and paste using Shortcuts.

  • Shifts can also be copied and pasted using keyboard shortcuts.

  • Click on the shift and hit CTRL+C to copy the shift (or CTRL+X to cut).

  • Click on the day you want to paste the shift onto and hit CTRL+V.

  • Shift will be copied into the grid with the appropriate fields updated depending on where the shift is pasted (employee, date, location, etc.).

For more detailed help guide on creating shifts, check out our Employee Scheduling - The Basics help guide!

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