Shift Affirmation
With shift affirmations, your employees can inform you that they're ready to take on their shift, reducing the risk of a no-show!
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Shift affirmation is an important tool to have your employees affirm that they are following company guidelines as they check in to their shift. The message is completely customizable and can be changed and adapted based on the company requirements of the shift itself.

The Introduction of Shift Affirmation

This was initially introduced as a way for organizations to send a COVID-19 message. For example, this can be used for cases such as COVID-19 where you require employees need to be aware of specific requirements to do their job.

Example: Check temperature and ensure it is below 100.4°F. Otherwise, the employee is not permitted to work on site.

They will be presented with a message that you have configured, and must respond Yes to proceed with the Check-In. If they respond No then they will not be permitted to check in.

Shift Affirmation Within Team Xpress

Before diving into set up, this is what it will look like after setting up for your Team Members.

When employees attempt to check-in they will receive a message, as displayed below.

Team xpress shift affirmations


Within your settings, you can select that unless an employee affirms their shift, then they will not be able to check-in. As below, if the employee doesn't affirm, the error will show.

Optionally, you can configure it so that the employee can be permitted to check in even if they say No to the shift affirmation.

shift affirmations - error message

Shift Affirmation Within Schedule Xpress

Setting up the Affirm Shift is a relatively straightforward process.

Go to Settings, Shift Options and Affirm Shifts.

Shift affirmation settings

Set the switch at the top of the screen to Yes, and then enter as much message text as you require. If employees must respond Yes in order to check-in, then check the option at the bottom of the page. If you only want to issue a message for informational purposes but do not care whether they answer Yes or No, then do not check the option.

Shift Log Review

After the shift is checked in, you can see the employee’s response by looking at the shift’s log. Update the shift, and then press the shift log icon (head-and-shoulders with a clock).

shift affirmation reviews

You will see the log of actions that the employee took on the shift.

employee shift log

For more information on shift affirmations, please Contact Support now!

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