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What's New? - March 2023
What's New? - March 2023

Find out the latest updates to the Celayix platform in March 2023

Written by James Lewis
Updated over a week ago

This article will inform you of all the new updates to the Celayix platform throughout March 2023.

Celayix: Employee Scheduling Software

Availability in Employee form

You now have the ability to view and create Availability within the employee profiles in Manage people.

You'll first need to ensure that Availability is selected in Schedule Xpress, in Settings > Branch defaults > Employee form.

Employee form in Settings in Schedule Xpress

Ensure you select Availability in the Employee form sections visibility.

Marking Availability for visibility inside Employee profile in Manage people

You'll then see that Availability appears in the employees' profile in Manage people.

Availability is now available in Employee profile in Manage people

Using the Availability section of the Employee profile

You can use the Availability section of an employee profile to see their submitted Availability records from within their Team Xpress app. You can also use it to see more information on a specific record, or create Availability records on their behalf.

First, you'll need to choose the date range for availability records. The maximum you can display is 90 days.

Note: Availability records will show in reverse chronological order.

Availability section of Employee profile

The records are defined in the Availability section of the employees' Team Xpress app. You can change their level of accessibility to the Availability feature in the Modules access section of your Employee access group(s).

Add new availability in Team Xpress

The records will show in the Availability section of their Team Xpress app as below.

Availability schedule in Team Xpress

Adding Availability for employees

As the User, you have the ability to add an Availability record on behalf of the employee. You can do this by clicking Add availability.

Add availability in employee profile in Manage people

When adding an Availability record for an employee, you can define:

  • Start date and end date

  • Time from or to, or select All day

  • Repeats weekly on

  • Availability types

  • Roles (Services)

  • Sites

Defining an Availability record before saving

You can press Save to create the record.

Availability record is now created with all details

Editing, cloning or deleting Availability records

You can Edit, Clone or Delete an Availability record at any time. See below.

Edit, Clone or Delete an Availability record

Availability fields in Manage people

You can use your fields in Manage people to see the current Availability records per employee.

The Availability fields that will display are:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Repeats weekly on

  • Availability type

  • Role (Service)

  • Site

  • Last updated by

  • Last update on

  • Availability records in effect exist (Yes or No)

Availability fields in Manage people

If an employee has more than one Availability record, you can click the 3 orange dots dropdown to show other records.

Multiple records located in 3 orange dots dropdown in Availability fields in Manage people

We'll be releasing more details regarding Availability for employees in the near future, but if you have any further questions, please Contact Support now!

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