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Learn more about the Team Xpress app features and how they may benefit you

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It's essential to understand the features of the Team Xpress app and how they can benefit you.

Note: Companies differ with their choice of settings, meaning that not all features will be available per employee account.

This article will cover the following steps on features in Team Xpress:

The Dashboard

Once on the dashboard of your Team Xpress account, the most prominent features (red box) give you the option to:

  • Review your schedule

  • Create an unscheduled shift - clocking in to a shift on site that has no official scheduling in the app.

  • Contact your supervisor

Typically, these features are the core of a Team Xpress account.

Team Xpress Dashboard

Easy Access

It's important to note that the tabs along the bottom of the screen are another method of easy access, as they remain in the same position at all times. Given that they always remain, it makes accessibility to your desired section of the app very easy.

Clicking the Schedule tab is typically the simplest method of accessing your schedule. Also, you can click the Messages tab to search for a contact or previous conversation in an instant.

The timesheets are seldom, however, optionally used by companies. This features allows for timesheets to be uploaded and reviewed by the employer. The 'My Account' section provides general information about your profile settings.

Team Xpress tabs at the bottom of app screen


If any updates are made with regards to your account, then this will be evidenced in the notifications section (red arrow). For example, there could be a change made to a shift that was in your schedule, therefore meaning that you will be notified through this section.

Team Xpress Notifications

Actions and Upcoming Shifts

If you are required to respond to an action, this will be highlighted in your Missing Actions tab (red arrow), which will also be displayed within your schedule. For example, if you need to acknowledge a shift to let your employer know that you've accepted it, you will be reminded to action it.

The Upcoming Shifts tab (green arrow) will warn you of any upcoming shifts you have in your schedule, based on the parameters set for any alerts. This will also show in your notifications tab.

Team Xpress No Missing Actions and No Upcoming Shifts

Self-Scheduling and Shift Bidding

If your company allows for self-scheduling or shift bidding, this is accessible at the top of your Schedule page (green arrows). For more information on these features, please visit our self-scheduling and shift bidding pages.

Team Xpress Self-Scheduling and Shift Bidding


If your company requests to know the times you'll be available, then the Availability tab (red arrow) allows you to confirm exactly that.

Team Xpress Availability

Time Off Requests

Also, the Time Off Requests (red arrow) is another tool that is useful for employees. The simplicity of allowing employees to fill out a basic form to request a period of time off is something that many employers take advantage of.

Team Xpress Time Off Requests

As stated previously, having a basic understanding of these features is paramount to utilizing them as efficiently as possible. However, it's important that you discuss the settings in place with your supervisor, as some may differentiate the experience you get within Team Xpress.

For more information on your Team Xpress features, please Contact Support now!

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