Mass Updating Shifts
Mass updating shifts is the simplest form of updating a range of shifts at one time
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The mass update is very effective when updating several shifts at once. This tool is efficient in reducing the time consumption of updating shifts individually, as long as the update being made is consistent across all shifts.

This article will cover the following steps in mass updating shifts in Schedule Xpress:

Highlighting Your Shifts

The first step is to highlight the shifts you would like to make the update too. Once you've highlighted your chosen shifts to change, click the Shift Tools option in the top right hand corner, as displayed below.

Highlighting the shifts you want to mass update in Schedule Xpress

Updating Shifts

Then, proceed to click on the Update shifts option.

Using Update shifts in Schedule Xpress

Selecting Change of a Shift

Clicking this option will open a tab that will allow you to select exactly the detail of the shifts that you would like to change. The example shows the Start time selected as the detail that will be changed.

Selecting the criteria for changing a shift in Schedule Xpress

Changing the Variable

In this example, you can proceed to alter the desired start time (green arrow) that the updated shifts will begin. Once the time is chosen, you can save the update (red arrow).

Please note that if you would like to add another update(s) alongside the initial update, you can click the + Add another field option (purple arrow).

Changing different variables within Update shifts tab in Schedule Xpress

Saving the Update

Having clicked Update, the arrows indicate the changed start time.

Clicking save will save all of the changes you applied in the Update shifts tab in Schedule Xpress

For more information on mass updating shifts, please Contact Support now!

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