Bulk updating shifts

Bulk updates allow you to make multiple changes to a range of shifts at once

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Bulk updating shifts allows you to make multiple changes to a range of shifts at once.

This article will cover the following steps in bulk updating shifts in Schedule Xpress:

The process of bulk updating shifts

Check marking your shifts

The first step is to check mark the shifts you want to update. You can do this by using the 3 dots selectors or manually check mark each shift in the bottom-right corner of the shift block.

There are multiple ways to check mark the shifts in your schedule

Updating shifts

To make a bulk update to all the check marked shifts, click Shift Tools > Update # shifts.

Update shifts in Schedule Xpress

Select fields to update

You can choose which field(s) you want to update in the Select fields to update. Click into the white space after you've chosen the fields.

In this example, we'll choose two fields to update.

Note: You can select more than one field to update at once.

Selecting the fields to update in Schedule Xpress

Selecting your new options

Once you've selected the fields to update, you'll need to make your new selections. Once complete, press the Update button.

Changing different variables within Update shifts tab in Schedule Xpress

After updating

Once you've updated and saved, the changes will reflect in your Schedule.

Shifts updated after bulk update in Schedule Xpress

For more information on bulk updating shifts, please Contact Support now!

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