The check/in check out process within Team Xpress is designed to give employees easy access to clock in/out of their shifts. The tool's functionality is heightened through the use of a live map which encompasses a geofence, making the employee aware of their location and when they can check in.

This article will cover the following steps on checking in/out and Geofencing in Team Xpress:

Logging In

When the employee first logs in to their Team Xpress account, they will be greeted with the home page which displays the following as below. You can access shifts in any given account by pressing the Review my schedule option (red arrow).

Accessing any shifts you have using Review my schedule in Team Xpress

Shift Details

Once inside of the schedule, you'll see any available shifts. You can access the detail of a shift by clicking on it.

Accessing the details of each shifts in Team Xpress

Slide to Check In

Once you've entered the shift, you'll see an option for slide to check in.

Note: this option will only become available a certain time before a shift starts, based on the settings of your administrator.

For example, company A may change settings to allow their employees to check in up to 1 hour before shift start time. However, company B may prefer a more specific approach, and only allow employees to check in within 5 minutes of shift start time.

Slide to Check in in Team Xpress

Functionality of Geofence

This is the point where the functionality of the geofence comes in.

Note: As previously, the geofence is an option employed by the administrator, and is dependent on their setting choices.

An employee, however, may be greeted with the following warning if they attempt to check in outside a geofence.

Determining whether or not you're inside the geofence when checking in in Team Xpress

Success Logging In

If however, successful, the display below will be shown.

Slide to Start Break

It's important to note that there is a Slide to Start Break option, which once activated, will require an employee to confirm once their break is over.

The above shows a successful check in, which in this case, is because the employee was on location. To check the geofence in place, click the 'Map' option.

Successful check in recorded and Slide to Start Break in Team Xpress

Show Image on Location

As can be seen with the geofence, the employee is clearly marked as within the boundary and can therefore successfully check in to their shift. A few important things to know to ensure an employee is able to access and maximizes their benefits from this tool are:

  • Has check in/out and geolocation been activated? - First, its important to ensure that the administrator of the shift schedule has created settings that include employee access for check in/out, and have made it compulsory for the employee to be on location with respect to the geofence in place.

  • Phone location services - The employee's phone location services must be switched on, which can be checked in phone settings. If an employee does not know how to activate this, then they must consult with their phone service provider or phone manufacturer.

  • Allow the system time - It may take several minutes for the GPS to establish the correct location with sufficient accuracy. This is particularly true when the phone has not been used in that location previously.

For any more information on checking in/out and geofencing, please Contact Support now!

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