How do I set up a Team Xpress account without actually sending an invitation to the employee?

See the process below.

The Process

Why: Because employees get confused or can’t be trusted to do the right thing. Or, you want to be sure that the correct steps are carried out - especially the Consent step.

If the employee has their own email address then you will use it in Step 5. If they don’t have an email address then you could sign up for one on their behalf, and use that in Step 5. Remember to note down any details you create, as this information will need to be passed on.

1. Create the employee using your own email address. (Note that this must be an
email address that is not yet used in Celayix. If your own email address is already in Celayix, then use any other email account that you have access to.)
2. Send the new employee an invitation by email (which will go to you).
3. When you get the email, accept the invitation. This will sign you into Team Xpress.
4. When prompted, create a password for the new employee account.
5. Enter the employee’s actual address, or the new email address that you created on their behalf.
6. Put checkmarks on the Consent box(es), That is a vital step, and can be done only through this process.
7. Log out of the employee’s Team Xpress account.
8. Notify the employee about their TeamXP account, password, and also their email account if you created one on their behalf.
9. That’s all folks.

Note: Popular email providers include Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

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