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Take a look at the different ways to add employees into your Schedule Xpress account!
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For many companies, understanding the different ways to add employees is hugely beneficial, with respect to how many employees they're looking to add at once.

This article will go over the following:

Different Methods

There are two main ways to add employees:

The Quick Add Multiple is a great option if you only need minimal information and want to come back to add more information later.

Note: You can only add employees if you have enough free space. If you receive the below message, it means that you will either need to archive employees or visit our Adjusting your Employee or Admin Licenses article.

Employee license count has been exceeded. Unable to add new employee.

The Add Employee is best for adding all details you may need. Let's look at these two ways in more detail.

Note: At the beginning of an implementation, we also have the option to work with your Implementation Specialist to add a mass list of your entire employee roster. Speak to your Implementation Specialist or Contact Support now!

Quick Add Multiple

From the Manage Employees tab (gear icon on the left-hand side), hit the Quick Add Multiple button.

Quick Add multiple button

list of newly added employees

When you press the Quick add multiple button, you are presented with a form that allows you to add multiple employees quickly, entering the minimum information required for each employee.

Quick add employees dialogue box

After entering the information for the first employee, press the + Add employee item on the left to continue adding more employees to the form.

quick add employees dialogue box

When you press the orange Add 3 employees button at the bottom right, the employees will be added, and invitations will be sent to the employees to confirm their Team Xpress accounts.

Add Employee

The other way to add employees is one by one. This is also where you can edit an employee's information as discussed in help guide Employee Management. This option is great for adding all necessary detail fields.

Press the Add Employee button from the Manage Employees tab.

Add Employee button

list of employees

When you start to add a new employee you have an empty form. It has a number of sections that you can complete. E.g., General Info, Contact, Settings, etc. At the right-hand edge, there is a gear icon that lets you choose which sections you want to show.

Let's dive into the different sections.

General info section for adding employees

Note: If you already have an HR system, you may not need to keep much information in Celayix beyond the mandatory fields. However, we have an extensive list should you want to use your Celayix system as the system of record. We have formatted this page to include both mandatory and recommended fields to achieve whichever goal you have for your organization.

1. General Info

This is the most basic information that every employee must have.

General info section - add employees

In general information, all fields are mandatory:

  • First Name,

  • Last Name,

  • Employee ID (this will be auto-generated if your database is configured to do so),

  • Short name (this will be auto-generated if not supplied),

  • Status (defaults to Active if not supplied when adding an employee).

2. Contact

This is the information for contacting the employee by phone, email, or by regular mail.

No fields are mandatory here, however here are a few we highly recommend.

Highly Recommended:

  • Email - very important if using Team Xpress for this Team Member or e-mail communications.

  • Phone Number.

Address contact info - add employees

Important Note: You must include a Mobile phone and/or email in order for the employee to be sent an invitation to set up their Team Xpress account. As well, consent tabs must be clicked to receive Email or SMS (when purchased).

Optional fields: Address line 1, Address line 2, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal code, Country, Mobile phone (must include country code, 1 for North America), email

address, alternate phone, Phone type.

Display-only fields: Email consent checkbox, SMS consent checkbox. These are based on the responses that the employee gives when setting up their Team Xpress account.

Tip: If alerts are configured to go to the employees, then they will be sent to both the Mobile phone and the Email address. This is where that data can be edited.

3. Settings

In the settings section of this page, decide on some basic settings regarding what the employee can do, and which users can schedule the employee. All fields require a response and will be set to system defaults if not assigned.

Employee settings - add employees

As seen above, all fields will be set to default values during 'Add Employee', if not specifically adjusted.

A security group is a setting that describes what the employee can do in Team Xpress. It relates to the Employee Security Groups settings in the main Settings area of Schedule Xpress. To dive into this check out our Security Group help page.

Managed by record access groups is a setting that relates to User Access, In User Access, configure the users who can access this employee. See User access

If the employee is permitted to create unscheduled shifts when checking in, the default customer, site, and service will be applied to the shift that is created. Permission to create unscheduled shifts is configured in the Security group.

4. Accounts

This section is for the Team Member's account, also known as their Team Xpress account. This is where they will log in to do their shift actions, check schedules, and more.

Optionally they may have a Voice Xpress account if you have our phone system.

Account settings - add employees

Similar to Settings, here all fields are mandatory and will all be set to default values during 'Add Employee', if nothing is entered.

Team Xpress account username: the format of the account name is configured in the

Branch Defaults - General section of Settings.

The Team Xpress account status will change as the Team Member completes their sign-up.

The Voice Xpress Account information can be ignored if you are not using Celayix Voice Xpress, our phone-in system.

5. Personal info

You may hold some personal demographic information in this section. This section is completely optional

Personal Info - add employees

Mandatory: None. Optional to use if you would like to keep more information about the Team Member here.

6. References

You may record additional information about an employee which is not covered in the other sections. For example, a common item is the employee’s Payroll ID if Celayix will be linked with your payroll or billing system.

References section - add employees

Mandatory fields: None.

There are up to ten reference fields. You configure their names in the Codes Maintenance section of eTime Xpress. For help with this work with your Implementation Specialist or Contact Support now.

7. Registrations

This section is for keeping track of up to six items such as driver’s license number, a security guard license ID, a certificate or permit. You configure the names of the items in eTime Xpress.

Registrations section - add employees

Mandatory fields: None.

8. Hiring history

You may keep track of when the employee started and stopped working for you.

Hiring section - add employees

Mandatory fields: None.

9. Pay info

This section records optional information that may be used in other parts of Celayix for the payroll export

Pay info - add employees

Mandatory fields: Rate calculation (will set to Factor based if not specified)

Optional: The list of Departments, Positions, Employee types and Pay cycles are assigned by you. Pay stat and Pay OT both checked ON by default

10. Pay rates

Employees can be paid varying hourly wages depending on the service they perform. Pay rates are optional and might not be used in your organization, depending on your package. Additional information about pay rates can be found in the Time & Attendance User Guide.

Pay rates - add employees

Mandatory: None.

Note: For the moment, Combination Pay Rates must be configured in eTime Xpress.

11. Max hours

This section provides a means to capping the number of hours that an employee can work in a day, week, or month. This is not related to any overtime threshold, it is simply a way of limiting the number of hours scheduled.

For example, it might be necessary to ensure that part-time employees are not scheduled for more than 25 hours per week.

Max hours section - add employees

Mandatory: None. If you check any box, then additional fields will become available to specify the maximum values.

12. Qualifications

This section allows you to record the skills, certifications and qualifications that an employee has. Typically you record these to ensure that only properly qualified employees are permitted to be scheduled into specific types of shifts. For example, to work as an armed guard the employee must have an armed qualification, or to work as a bartender the employee must have a ServSafe certification.

Qualifications section - add employees

Mandatory: None.

The qualifications that are required in order to work at any given site or service are configured in the relevant Site or Service setup.

Note: If there is an expiry date, employees cannot be scheduled for shifts beyond the expiry date that require this qualification. You will receive an error when trying to schedule them.

For more information on adding employees, please Contact Support now!

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